Pizza de calabaza asada y queso-Claudia&Julia

Grilled Pumpkin and Cheese Pizza

Today I come with a very autumnal recipe, a roasted pumpkin and cheese pizza that you will love for its contrast of flavors, since in addition to these two main ingredients, we are going to round it off with some chopped black olives, and without pits! , and with basil. And to give it a crunchier touch, we will add some pumpkin seeds and some sesame seeds. What do you think of the combination?
Pizza Veggie Supreme: la pizza vegetariana para todos los gustos

Pizza Veggie Supreme: the vegetarian pizza for all tastes

This veggie supreme pizza recipe has everything to be the star of Fridays (and every day of the week!). It is a vegetarian pizza full of seasonings and that any palate will fall in love with: we will prepare a very aromatic tomato sauce, which will delight everyone. In the pizza filling, green pepper, mushrooms, cherries and red onion will be the luxury guests of our supreme veggie pizza.
Pizza al pesto

pesto pizza

You will have seen that we have the summer dress blog, with simple, effective, colorful and very, very rich recipes. I am determined to bring you dishes that allow you to enjoy the good weather in the company of your loved ones, and that make you smack of how good they are. Recipes with an unbeatable relationship between preparation time and enjoyment, because I don't want you to miss a single dip in the pool. Not you, not me!
Cómo hacer pizza tradicional

How to make traditional pizza

Yes, today you will discover how to make a traditional pizza base! With this recipe, we focus on those usual pizzas, with thick-textured dough and delicious breadcrumbs.
Alfajores argentinos

Argentine alfajores

Alfajores are one of the most popular sweets in Argentine gastronomy, although they are not exclusive to the country of tango, barbecues and gauchos. They are also very present in other Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

They are very simple to prepare and are slow to die, at least in their most classic and traditional form: filled with dulce de leche and coated in grated coconut.

Galletas saludables de avena y chocolate (¡Deliciosas, sin gluten y sin azúcar!)

Healthy Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies (Delicious, gluten-free, and sugar-free!)

I have not seen a faster and easier cookie recipe to make than this one with banana and oat flakes. It's as easy to make as you mash the banana, mix with the oatmeal and bake. Today I bring the two modalities of this recipe that are most successful at home. Of course, they incorporate chocolate: "Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies" and "Chocolate Coated Coconut Oatmeal Cookies." Which one do you think you will stay with?
Bollos de vainilla y azahar

Vanilla and orange blossom buns

These vanilla-scented brioche buns with orange blossom water are one of those basics for a happy snack. Filled with cocoa cream or open and filled with a few ounces of chocolate, they are one of those unforgettable bites. Or with the morning coffee - I can attest that they are ideal to start the day with a good smile.
Pan de  soda de chocolate (delicioso, fácil y sin amasado)

Chocolate Soda Bread (delicious, easy, and no-knead)

Do you want to make a bread just by mixing a few ingredients? Without kneading or knowledge in bakery doughs! One of the easiest and fastest bread recipes from Ibán Yarza is the soda bread recipe. It is a perfect option! It is a bread that does not require kneading or waiting and that you can enjoy as is or you can use it as a base recipe to prepare a large number of delicious recipes.
Pizza de higos, jamón y rúcula

Fig, ham and arugula pizza

Let's see, you catch me red-handed: Who's up for a pizza for dinner? I already imagined that you were all going to sign up! I think I don't know anyone who doesn't like pizza, and if there is, it's because they haven't tried this pizza with figs, ham and arugula. A combination of 10! And with homemade dough, of course.

Pizzas de coliflor con 4 toppings

Cauliflower pizzas with 4 toppings

Surely it is not the first time that you feel attracted by alternative ways of enjoying pizza and that your conscience does not hurt when you eat it. Perhaps the idea of ​​making a pizza with a cauliflower base and free of flour and guilt has appeared when you were looking for new ideas to make your little ones eat cauliflower without complaints. Either way, these cauliflower-based pizzas are a new and healthy way to make pizza fast, fresh and delicious.

Tarta sol de otoño

autumn sun cake

I love savory tarts, they have always been very versatile and perfect to serve as dinner, starter or even as an appetizer. It is also an elaboration that allows us to leave it prepared in advance in the absence of serving it at the time we need. I was looking for some new savory tart ideas when I came across a sun tart from the Saines Gourmandises blog. I thought it was absolutely beautiful, so I had to adapt it to bring you this Autumn Suncake.

Pizza con base de coliflor y queso gorgonzola

Pizza with cauliflower base and gorgonzola cheese

Without a doubt, I can say that pizza is one of the recipes that we repeat regularly, there is no missing Friday at home! They really like it, and the more traditional recipes like the ones I've brought you on some other occasion (such as bacon and arugula or traditional carbonara ) are guaranteed success. But I had the pleasure of preparing a pizza with an alternative base : today's proposal is a pizza with a base of cauliflower and flax seeds.