Huevos Orsini (cómo hacer cloud eggs)

Huevos Orsini (cómo hacer cloud eggs)

Si te has preguntado alguna vez qué son esos huevos espumosos que parecen una nube, la respuesta es Huevos Orsini (en inglés conocidos como "cloud eggs", que traducido literalmente significaría "huevos nube"). Es una receta no solo vistosa y curiosa, sino que afortunadamente es facilísima de hacer, ¡Y está deliciosa!
Coliflor asada en sartén con mantequilla de azafrán

Pan-Roasted Cauliflower with Saffron Butter

Eating vegetables, in addition to being beneficial for our body, is a pleasure! If we limit ourselves to tasting them boiled, we are missing out on a world of the most varied and tasty flavors. And the best example I can show you is this recipe for Pan Roasted Cauliflower with Saffron Butter. A delicacy!
Frittata de ajo y patata asada

Roasted Potato and Garlic Frittata

If you love eggs as much as I do, you are going to love today's recipe. This roasted potato and garlic frittata is absolutely delicious. You will see that it is not difficult to prepare and it is an ideal dish for any occasion, although it is especially appetizing now that the cold has arrived.
Albóndigas de salchicha y ricotta al horno

Baked Ricotta and Sausage Meatballs

The baked meatballs with sausage and ricotta recipe that I am sharing with you today is a dish that you are going to love; with airs of Italy, where it is said that they prepare the juiciest meatballs in the world. The cheese they contain, both in the meat and in the sauce, is undoubtedly responsible for this, and makes them such a tasty snack that young and old alike will want to eat again.
Pan de calabacín y queso de cabra

Zucchini and goat cheese bread

Zucchini takes center stage in this skillet bread recipe: Zucchini bread recipe becomes a back of the cupboard recipe when you've made it just once. The courgette gives the bread a lot of juiciness, while the goat cheese gives it intensity. You have to try it!
Torrijas gigantes con plátano caramelizado

Giant French toast with caramelized banana

A giant vanilla-flavoured French toast, fried in oil and butter , and accompanied by caramelized bananas... All sprinkled with melted chocolate! In my opinion, it is a perfect combination, which turns this recipe into that of delicious and definitive French toast.
Atún con salsa de mostaza y anchoas

Tuna with mustard sauce and anchovies

Express recipe! This tuna with mustard sauce, anchovies and capers is a recipe that has it all: it's super quick to make, it's super tasty and it's a great way to bring grilled tuna to life.
Lomo de ternera marinado y pesto de espinacas

Marinated beef tenderloin and spinach pesto

Do you know what the secret of Brazilians is to cook those delicious meats on the grill? Marinate them! Preparing a tasty marinade takes a few minutes and the flavored oil penetrates the meat , adding more flavor and helping it to be juicier and more tender.
Masa de pizza en sartén

Pizza dough in pan

You can make pizza without turning on the oven! What do you say to that? The recipe for making pizza in a pan is ideal for making assorted mini pizzas or preparing a delicious individual size pizza, but without having to turn on the oven -yes, there is a pizza recipe without an oven!
Ensalada de rúcula con nueces caramelizadas y crujiente de jamón

Arugula salad with caramelized walnuts and crispy ham

You can give a twist to a salad in the easiest way. I strongly encourage you to try this arugula salad with walnuts and toasted raisins and crispy ham, together with the apple it is a wonderful combination. And those roasted and caramelized pecans... Oh, my God! They are delicious!
Brownie de chocolate blanco

white chocolate brownies

Fluffy and juicy, this is the recipe for the white chocolate brownie that I bring you today. We do it with condensed milk too, and I assure you that it is the most moist and fluffy. If you do it once, you will repeat a hundred times.
Salmón a la toscana con tomates secos

Tuscan salmon with dried tomatoes

With a delicious creamy sauce with a touch of garlic, this salmon recipe is one of my favorites, creamed salmon with spinach, garlic and dried tomatoes. The intensity of the garlic and dried tomato provide the ideal flavor and intensity to make this creamed salmon a very tasty dish.