Lasaña de ricotta y espinacas

Ricotta and spinach lasagna

Making a Lasagna tastes like family Sunday lunches to me. This is a classic recipe that never goes out of style, a vegetarian lasagna that both adults and children like. It is a delicious dish with delicate flavors. The vegetarian spinach and ricotta filling is a lighter version of the meat one, but it's also succulent and irresistible.
Pollo escabechado en ensalada con mango, queso de cabra y nueces

Marinated chicken in salad with mango, goat cheese and walnuts

Anyone else around here who eats salads during the summer? And someone else who at the end of July no longer has new ideas and ends up always eating the same salad? And I recognize that having a varied repertoire and to the taste of the whole family is not always easy, that's why I try different salads and those that I like the most at home I keep to share with you. And, what do you want me to tell you, this pickled chicken salad with mango, goat cheese and walnuts has gone out the front door!!

Bacalao dorado

Bacalao Dorado

Portuguese gastronomy has so many recipes with cod that we could prepare one every day of the year and not repeat it. This is one of the most popular inside and outside the neighboring country. At home, even the least fond of fish like it a lot, something that is appreciated. As well as the fact that it is a very simple dish to prepare and that it does not require strange ingredients or strange gadgets.

Guiso de ternera Strogonoff

Beef Stroganoff Stew

This Stroganoff or Stroganoff is one of my favorite dishes. There is no single recipe and each one usually gives it a different touch. We are talking about a Russian stew that is basically made with beef, mushrooms or mushrooms and onion in a cream sauce (and here comes the difference), which is seasoned in different ways.

Tajine de pollo y peras con manzanas

Chicken and pear tagine with apples

Today we come with a chicken tagine with pears and apples that will drive you crazy. A very easy recipe cooked over low heat, with which you will get a dish with a lot of flavor.

Cómo marinar tofu

How to marinate tofu

Tofu is the most used food to substitute meat. So if you have decided to reduce the consumption of animal protein in your diet, a good option is to use this ingredient. Although when you try it for the first time, you will surely find it a bit bland… But I have the solution! If we make marinated tofu, its flavor changes radically and we can use it in multiple preparations and add a plus of flavor.

Ensalada de pasta caprese

caprese pasta salad

If there is a salad that defines Italian gastronomy, that is without a doubt the caprese salad. The base of this salad is mozzarella and fresh tomato seasoned with fresh basil. From there the variations are endless. I have eaten it as a normal salad, assembled as if it were a millefeuille, on a board with the ingredients separately and in a stuffed tomato.

Sopa fría de aromáticas con tomate y pan tostado

Cold aromatic soup with tomato and toasted bread

When the heat begins to arrive, they only want to eat light and fresh dishes, which help us combat the high temperatures, but without stopping eating well. For that reason I am always looking for new ideas. And the day I saw this cold aromatic soup with tomato and toasted bread I fell at his feet.