Cómo hacer una fondue de chocolate (¡O cómo hacer un festín!)

How to Make a Chocolate Fondue (Or How to Feast!)

Let's make a feast on the table! Today I am not bringing you a recipe as such, but original ideas to enjoy a chocolate fondue in different ways, as God intended, in a big way! The truth is that making a chocolate fondue is very simple and fun, and we couldn't wait any longer to bring you some ideas that we believe are not very practiced. Let's see what you think!
Fondue de queso azul con manzana

Blue Cheese Apple Fondue

For me, making a fondue is synonymous with partying, getting together with friends and sharing a good chat while you eat and share a laugh. In short, enjoying life, that's what it's all about, right?

Cocinar en fondue

cooking in fondue

Many of us already have a fondue at home. It has become an ideal gift item, and it is very exciting to have it. But it is also true that there are those who have it parked and, honestly, I think it's a real shame! Fondue is a practical culinary utensil -with which you can solve a meal or dinner quickly-, it is fun for diners, it is easy to prepare and clean -important, right?- and also from my experience, it favors the communication and encourages meals, since it is, so to speak, a group activity, a dish to share, which calls for conversation.