Tartiflette raclette: patatas con queso a la francesa

Tartiflette raclette: French fries with cheese

I put on my apron today with a very French air, and I do it for a double reason: this tartiflette recipe is a typical French recipe, and it also includes plenty of cheese. Cheese and potato, oh, la la!
Árbol de hojaldre relleno de pesto

Puff pastry tree stuffed with pesto

For passionate cooks and appreciative diners, there is nothing more expected on these dates than having on the table any dish that smells, tastes or transmits Christmas. Traditional stews are received with joy every year, because they are part of those moments that remain etched in our memory. But new recipes are also expected to delight your guests, and this Basil Pesto Stuffed Christmas Tree will do the trick.
Dátiles con nueces

dates with walnuts

I bring you two recipes with dates that are as beautiful as they are surprising. One is a most elegant appetizer and with which you will look fabulous when you present it at the Sunday table. The second proposal is a dessert or snack to finish the meal, with which you are looking for a smooth combination of flavors and play with textures.
Crema suave de calabaza (Sopa de calabaza, de Philippe Laruelle)

Smooth pumpkin cream (Pumpkin soup, by Philippe Laruelle)

Pumpkin is one of the star ingredients of autumn, and also the base of a basic and essential cream to warm up in the cold months of the year. Today, this recipe for soft pumpkin cream (or pumpkin soup) is here to stay in the closet of all those who haven't enjoyed it yet. Those of you who are more of a cook will like to know that it is a recipe by the French chef Philippe Laruelle.

Mejillones al vapor con ajo y perejil

Steamed mussels with garlic and parsley

If there is a perfect recipe for a quick dinner, one of those in which you barely have time to cook, it is steamed mussels with garlic and parsley. It is prepared in a few minutes and the result is the tastiest. In addition, we are facing a food with many health benefits. They are fantastic!
Tian con berenjena, zanahoria y calabacín con tomate

Tian with eggplant, carrot and courgette with tomato

Shall we make a vegetable tian like you haven't seen before? It is an aubergine, carrot and courgette tian, and what makes it special is its lengthwise presentation, which gives it an elegant and highly appetizing presence.
Peras rellenas de gorgonzola envuelta con Jamón serrano

Pears stuffed with gorgonzola wrapped with Serrano ham

I am in love with the combination of the sweetness and softness of the pear with the flavor, intensity and saltiness of the gorgonzola cheese. It is a combination that I often have as an appetizer or snack to kill hunger: pear cut with bits of gorgonzola cheese. As is, delicious! But you can give this combination a more beautiful and rounded finish if you wrap it with Serrano ham and melt it in the oven. A marvel!
Pastel de pastor de champiñones, lentejas y alubias carillas

Shepherd's pie with mushrooms, lentils and blackeye beans

We bring you the popular English shepherd's pie recipe in a vegetarian version full of flavor and energy, just as this recipe should be. The traditional shepherd's pie is a typical British dish of cooking, the easiest and most succulent and that uses the cooked meat that has been left over from the holidays, and that is crowned with a layer of mashed potato au gratin.
Cocido con pelotas de La Vega Baja

Cooked with balls from La Vega Baja

The stew with balls from La Vega Baja del Segura is a traditional dish from our region. Like any other stew from Spain (Madrid, Lebaniego, escudella, Andalusian stew...), it is a comforting, familiar dish, and its recipe passes from generation to generation, never finding two that are the same, and even being the same area, we will always find nuances. However, that is the beauty of these traditional recipes inherited, do not you think?
Calabacines rellenos

Stuffed courgettes

Have you tried making stuffed vegetables? It's easy, it's colorful and elegant and a most practical and tasty option. This time of year is when we eat more stuffed vegetables at home. It is an elegant and different way of enjoying vegetables, you can look good if it is a holiday by having a light first course
Crema de zanahoria asada y jengibre

Roasted carrot and ginger cream

It's time for hot creams and soups, and one of the most popular cream recipes at home is undoubtedly this roasted carrot and ginger cream. It is a healthy soup, which when made with carrots and some pumpkin roasted in the oven greatly enhances the flavor and an exquisite cream is obtained.
Crema de lombarda y pera

Lombard and pear cream

Although this is a very present dish in Christmas menus, nothing should prevent us from incorporating it into our celebrations at any other time of the year. It is an elegant, colorful starter that has everything to win over the stomachs of our guests. Because it's del-li-cio-sa.