Aperitivos para el buen tiempo

Appetizers for good weather

The good weather is already here! You want to be in the sun to recharge your energy, you want walks along the beach by the sea and you want to eat without complications, with menus based on light dishes and appetizers that take little time to prepare but with that touch of joy and festivity that summer brings us.
Judías cocidas al estilo griego, con cobertura de feta y miel

Greek-style baked beans, covered with feta and honey

Greek-style baked beans are very easy to make: the oven will be working for a few minutes, but I assure you that this recipe for baked beans with feta cheese and honey coverage is very simple to prepare, being a very complete and tasty dish.
Pan de calabacín y queso de cabra

Zucchini and goat cheese bread

Zucchini takes center stage in this skillet bread recipe: Zucchini bread recipe becomes a back of the cupboard recipe when you've made it just once. The courgette gives the bread a lot of juiciness, while the goat cheese gives it intensity. You have to try it!
Sopa Minestrone de verduras

Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Is there anything in the world more comforting than a soup? It may be, but nothing will make you feel better after enjoying a good hot dish of this preparation. I love soups and creams, of all types and consistencies. The last one I have prepared is this vegetable minestrone soup, with some other variations to adjust it to my tastes and made in record time thanks to the pressure cooker.
Tian con berenjena, zanahoria y calabacín con tomate

Tian with eggplant, carrot and courgette with tomato

Shall we make a vegetable tian like you haven't seen before? It is an aubergine, carrot and courgette tian, and what makes it special is its lengthwise presentation, which gives it an elegant and highly appetizing presence.
Garbanzos especiados y crujientes

Crispy Spiced Chickpeas

You can make a delicious and healthy snack in the easiest way: this recipe for spiced chickpeas is an irresistible snack, and preparing it takes only a minute, and it's dry!
Espárragos verdes al limón (en sartén y al horno)

Green asparagus with lemon (in the pan and in the oven)

You already know that I love to explore simple recipes that fill the table with delicious accompaniments without requiring much more time to be spent in the kitchen. So today I bring the recipe to make asparagus with lemon, a dish that is both a first course and such if you want to enjoy it alone, as an appetizer (I'll tell you how) or it is undoubtedly the perfect vegetable to accompany a meat dish. or fish.
Champiñones con miso y miel

Mushrooms with miso and honey

This recipe for mushrooms with miso offers you a delicious and surprising combination of sweet and savory flavors. Today's recipe is undoubtedly a perfect option for everyday use, because you will make it in no time and it will liven up any meal due to its flavor and contrast.
Pastel de pastor de champiñones, lentejas y alubias carillas

Shepherd's pie with mushrooms, lentils and blackeye beans

We bring you the popular English shepherd's pie recipe in a vegetarian version full of flavor and energy, just as this recipe should be. The traditional shepherd's pie is a typical British dish of cooking, the easiest and most succulent and that uses the cooked meat that has been left over from the holidays, and that is crowned with a layer of mashed potato au gratin.
Calabacines rellenos

Stuffed courgettes

Have you tried making stuffed vegetables? It's easy, it's colorful and elegant and a most practical and tasty option. This time of year is when we eat more stuffed vegetables at home. It is an elegant and different way of enjoying vegetables, you can look good if it is a holiday by having a light first course
Coles de Bruselas asadas con jamón

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Ham

If you are looking for a very quick, healthy recipe for all kinds of situations, this recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts with ham is for you! You prepare it in 1 minute and let the oven work for only 20 minutes, so it is a quick recipe and the most effective.
Ajos asados: cómo hacerlos y cómo usarlos

Roasted garlic: how to make them and how to use them

I bring you a basic kitchen, roasted garlic, an essential preparation both to enjoy them as is and to increase the flavor and result of any dish in which you use it. Here you will find how to make roasted garlic, how to use it in your recipes, and also ideas to take advantage of the wonderful oil flavored with roasted garlic that results from preserving roasted garlic in oil.