Tarta invertida de alcachofas, cebolla y jamón-Claudia&Julia

Inverted artichoke, onion and ham cake

Discover the uniqueness of a recipe that defies expectations: the artichoke and ham upside-down cake. Prepared in Bra's versatile Infinity pan, this creation, although a departure from the classic tarte Tatin technique, promises unrivaled culinary delight.
Tarta tatin Mediterránea (tarta tatin de vegetales)-Claudia&Julia

Mediterranean tarte tatin (vegetable tart tatin)

Yes, apart from making apple tatin, pear tatin, plum tatin and so many other delicious fruits, you can make savory tart tatin. Today I come with this vegetable tart tatin - it tastes delicious and becomes a wonderfully appreciative first course or dinner, for those who prepare it and for those who enjoy it.
Tarta Tatin de cebolla

Onion Tart Tatin

You can make many tarte tatin recipes, not just with fruit. From chicory with cheese to tomato tart tatin, these are absolutely delicious tarts that you can serve as a starter or as a summer dinner. Today, a cake that falls in love, the red onion tart tatin recipe. You'll love it!
Tarta tatin de piña

pineapple tart tatin

I admit that I am a person with a sweet tooth, and that desserts are my weakness. I like them all, come on! But even so, I have my favorites and one of the ones I like the most are the fruit tarts, especially the Tatin tart, starting with the traditional apple tart and ending with the one that I bring you today, the delicious pineapple tart Tatin.

Tarta tatin de tomates cherry

Cherry tomato tarte tatin

We are very used to seeing sweet tart tatins (apple, peach, pear...), but there are savory tart tatin recipes that you will love! Like this one with cherry tomatoes and cheese brought to us by Leti, author of Revealing Flavors. Do not stop preparing it because it will solve a dinner for you and leave you wanting more!

Tarta tatín de pera

pear tart tatin

Carmen, author of Yerbabuena en la cocina, brings us one of the most popular French recipes, the tarte tatin, this time with pear. I invite you to try it, you will see how easy it is to prepare and how delicious it is!

Tarta tatin de manzana

apple tart tatin

Carmen, whom you know from Yerbabuena en la Cocina, brings us a classic of French pastries that has become popular all over the world. As she says, the tarte tatin is the queen of apple pies. Delicate, rich in flavor and, in addition and contrary to what it may seem, very easy to prepare!

Tarta tatín de fresas y ruibarbo

Strawberry and rhubarb tarte tatin

To savor in a different way the fruits that will soon flood the markets and fruit stores, Carmen, author of Yerbabuena in the Kitchen , presents us with a delicious strawberry tarte tatin: she moves away from the typical tart that includes apple, and brings us closer to the color and essence of romantic spring. I recommend you try!
Origen y curiosidades de la tarta Tatin

Origin and curiosities of the Tarte Tatin

Who has not enjoyed a delicious Tarte Tatin ? It is a variant of apple pie, in which the apples have been caramelized before incorporating the dough. The most peculiar thing is that it is a cake that is prepared upside down: the apples are placed underneath and covered with the dough.