Rollitos de berenjena rellenos de requesón y espinacas

Eggplant rolls stuffed with cottage cheese and spinach

Eggplants are one of my favorite vegetables. At home, we like them battered, stuffed, in moussaka or Parmesan. The recipe that I present to you is another quick and easy way to prepare them, such as a courgette cannelloni, stuffed with a capricious mixture of cottage cheese and spinach and served with a homemade tomato sauce flavored with basil or lemon thyme.
Salteado en wok de radicchio con judías verdes y naranjas

Wok-fried radicchio with green beans and oranges

Did you know that we spend between 30-50% of our time rambling? That without realizing it we get distracted and absorbed in an internal flow of thought unrelated to external stimuli? We spend so much time like this that it has even been said that it is the default state of our brain.

Koftas de coliflor con salsa de menta y lima

Cauliflower koftas with mint-lime sauce

This recipe is a version of the vegetarian Koftas, so popular in India. They are made with cauliflower, potato, red lentil and are spiced with garam masala. These are juicy meatballs, with a crunchy touch thanks to the cashews and a sweet touch from the dates. They are served with a double sauce made up of yogurt and a natural syrup of mint and lime.

Shakshuka de Ottolenghi

Shakshuka by Ottolenghi

Do you sign up for a ratatouille dinner with an egg with the perfect spicy touch? Yes, here is the grace of this Yotam Ottolenghi recipe that Miriam (author of The Winter Guest) brings us today. A vice! Go for bread...

Humus de garbanzos con queso feta marinado y verduritas asadas

Chickpea hummus with marinated feta cheese and roasted vegetables

Virginia, the author of Sweet&Sour, brings us a recipe that cannot be missing from our cookbooks: preparing hummus at home is easy and gives a lot of play. It is ideal both as an appetizer and as a first course or accompaniment. In this case, it is presented with marinated feta cheese and some roasted vegetables, which combine wonderfully with the hummus.

Huevos rancheros a mi manera

Eggs rancheros my way

The author of The Winter Guest, Miriam, shows us a recipe that you will enjoy the most in your day to day life: Some of the tastiest eggs rancheros! He prepares them in an iron skillet that has me in love, the Skeppshult. Enjoy the recipe!

Utensilios de hierro para cocinar Skeppshult

Iron cookware Skeppshult

There was a frying pan that I had always seen at my parents' house. I remember we used it often but I never asked where it came from. I saw it among other pans and thought it was one of those eccentricities of my mother, another "pot" who knows where it had come from...

Cocinar a la plancha en una sartén o una parrilla

Grill in a pan or on a grill

How do you cook on the grill? Is it better to use a frying pan or a grill for grilling? Is it worth using a grill instead of a frying pan? We tell you.