Cómo hacer falafels: una receta de garbanzos fácil y deliciosa-Claudia&Julia

How to make falafels: an easy and delicious chickpea recipe

Falafel is a delicious culinary creation that has captured the hearts and palates of people around the world. These small, crunchy balls, made mainly from chickpeas and aromatic spices, are a vegetarian option full of flavor and texture.
Delicias energéticas de albaricoque-Claudia&Julia

Apricot Energy Delights

Do you want a sweet snack, with healthy ingredients and that fills you with energy? If the answer is yes, look no further! Because I bring you a recipe so that you can make it at home, which not only meets all the above requirements, but is also very quick and easy to make. Pay attention, because these energetic apricot treats are a most tempting treat.
Ensalada de fresas, espinacas y queso feta

Strawberry, spinach and feta salad

Fresh, easy, complete and delicious, this salad has it all! The combination of the freshness and sweetness of the strawberries contrasts with the intensity of the feta cheese, and all of this is seasoned with a Modena and honey vinaigrette that is very easy to make and that enhances the flavor of the strawberries even more.
Recetas de pestos para hacer en casa

Pesto recipes to make at home

Pesto sauce is one of the best known and most popular sauces in Italian gastronomy, which due to its multiple uses and possible combinations has become popular throughout the world.

You can find pesto sauce in all supermarkets, but the truth be told: nothing like homemade pesto. Trust me, making a fresh pesto sauce is super easy, and it's second to none.