Pecho de Ternera Ahumado (¡y super delicioso!)-Claudia&Julia

Smoked Beef Brisket (and super delicious!)

In the kitchen, the art of smoking knows no seasons and, thanks to the Nordic Ware smoker, we can enjoy that incomparable smoked flavor at any time of the year. Today we want to share with you a simple but spectacular recipe that will delight your family and friends: a tender, juicy and perfectly smoked beef brisket.
Berenjenas rellenas ahumadas

Smoked stuffed aubergines

Lola Bernabé, author of Loleta Life&Market, brings us an ideal recipe for any occasion. The recipe for stuffed aubergines is a classic, but smoked as she proposes, it gives it an extra flavor that will make you fall in love. Bon Appetite!

Ahumar alimentos en casa

smoke food at home

Smoking food at home, both fish and meat, is not only possible, but the results are surprising and delicious. Let's see how to do it.

Receta de magret de pato e higos ahumados

Duck breast and smoked figs recipe

I love that Loreto, author of Sabores de Colores , surprises me with her smoker creations. The reason? That many times we are left with the idea that the smoker will serve to smoke salmon and some other fish... and we don't go any further. But without a doubt it is useful for much more, as on other occasions he has told us and shown us. Surely you will be with me: this duck magret that he presents to us today is a real delicacy!
Mi opinión sobre el ahumador de Nordic Ware

My take on the Nordic Ware smoker

On several occasions I have asked Loreto, author of Sabores de Colores , to make us a recipe with a tool that she knows very well, the smoker . On those occasions he has achieved incredible results! For this reason, and since the smoker is a great unknown to many, and so many others ask us for information about it, we have thought it interesting that she be the one who gives you her opinion and explanations about it. I leave you with the story of your experience
Ahumador de Nordic Ware, válido para mucho más que ahumar

Nordic Ware smoker, valid for much more than smoking

I am very fond of a tool that is nothing seen, and that allows me to achieve results with meat, fish and even vegetables, which are truly wonderful. This is the Nordic Ware smoker , a unique product.
Cómo ahumar salmón especiado en el ahumador de Nordic Ware

How to Smoke Spiced Salmon in the Nordic Ware Smoker

I was very excited that our friend Loreto, from the gastronomic blog Flavors of Colors , present us with this rich and tasty recipe for smoked salmon. It makes me excited because it shows us how easy it can be to get a super special touch (and in this case spicy!) in fish or meat.
Cómo ahumar lomo de cerdo en casa

How to smoke pork loin at home

I'm excited. You will think that I am exaggerated, but it is the truth, and I will tell you why.

For months already, from time to time there are magazines that show interest in our smoker They are interested because it is rarely seen here, we have brought it from the United States, and despite the fact that the name seems to say it all, the smoker it allows such good cooking results that it is a shame that people think that it is only good for flavoring smoke

¿Cómo conseguir un sabor ahumado en tus recetas?

How to get a smoky flavor in your recipes?

This technique has been used for a long time in many ingredients so that they do not spoil and last longer. It is a culinary practice in which food is exposed to the smoke that is released from a fire formed with wood that has little resin. Today smoked foods are the star of many recipes because of their flavor and not because they are foods that must be preserved.