This technique has been used for a long time in many ingredients so that they do not spoil and last longer. It is a culinary practice in which food is exposed to smoke that emerges from a fire formed with wood that has little resin. Today, smoked foods are the star of many recipes because of their flavor and not because they are foods that must be preserved.

Smoked gives a different flavor, more concentrated and intense. One of the foods in which this technique is most used is fish. But currently, it is present in many more products in our kitchen, so that we can find it with smoked meats or vegetables. The resulting flavor is a delight!

And you will ask yourselves, how to give smoky flavor to the products so that they manage to release that magic? The most traditional method of smoking is the one used to preserve food by putting it in direct contact with the smoke generated by burning pieces of wood for many hours. Another alternative to achieve that delicious smoky flavor is to cook food with chips so that they are impregnated with the smell and flavor of the wood.

With the Nordic Ware food smoker we can do it at home without complications. It is very practical and easy to use. It measures 23cm in height and 34cm in diameter and includes the thermometer, wood chips for smoking. It couldn't be easier to use! It is ideal for cooking fish, meat or vegetables with a delicious smoky flavor at home without smoke or odors. It is suitable for all heat sources, including induction. It comes with a recipe book and a DVD (both in English).

Photo: Nordic Ware Food Smoker

To use it, put a couple of tablespoons of smoking wood chips in the bowl and then the liquid tray on top. It can be cooked without adding any liquid to the tray or by adding a glass of water to it.

Cooking with some liquid allows you to obtain more tender meats and even add flavor if we use beer, juice or wine to the water.

To use it, the food is placed on the tray, we cover it and we put the smoker on medium heat (low if we have induction) until it reaches 200-220ºC inside.

It is very important to maintain this temperature range by adjusting both the firepower and opening the upper hatches if you want to lower the interior temperature.

Depending on the piece that we are going to cook, we must leave the smoker on the fire for up to two hours, always controlling the internal temperature for optimal cooking of the food.

Photo: Nordic Ware Food Smoker

I encourage you to try it because the results are wonderful! Can you imagine being able to prepare your own smoked salmon with the touch of spices that you most want? I always try new combinations with the ingredients that I like the most and I am always surprised by the new flavors I get.

Have you ever tried the smoking technique? Do you find it interesting? I want to read your experiences and opinions!

Claudia Ferrer


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