Rollitos de lenguado con verduras en juliana-Claudia&Julia

Sole rolls with julienne vegetables

I am convinced that the oven was invented to solve dinners on the most exhausting days, in which there is only enough energy left to eat something before going to bed. For sample, a button; more specifically some sole rolls with vegetable spaghetti that are very easily prepared, cooked on their own and savored with delight. Minimum effort and maximum reward. You can not ask for more!
Lomo de bacalao en papillote con cama de calabacines

Cod loin en papillote with a bed of courgettes

If you like fish, you will agree with me that one of the ways it is most delicious is prepared en papillote. All its flavor is concentrated, since it uses its own juices to cook, and the aroma when uncovered is almost from another dimension. So, as you can guess, this recipe for cod loin en papillote with a bed of courgettes is very simple and quick to prepare, with a result that is as delicious as it is healthy.
Pollo al limón en papillote

Lemon chicken en papillote

If there is an old recipe, quick and easy to make and that I loved when I was little (and when I grew up), it is undoubtedly this one that I bring you today, lemon papillote chicken stuffed with pate.
Papillote de salmón

salmon papillote

Today, so you can see how simple and fast cooking in papillote is, we bring you one of the most popular or common recipes using this technique, a salmon papillotte. We make it with a potato and zucchini base, and you will see that, with four basic ingredients and the special ceramic oven dish for papillotes by Emile Henry, you will get your family to eat healthily and leave the plates clean.