We are so used to using only molds, trays or occasionally a pan in the oven, that we often stop making the most of many utensils that we have in the kitchen.

Today I want to talk to you about pans that can go in the oven . They are pans that we normally use on the counter, but due to certain characteristics they can also go in the oven. It is an added value that they have since they have a lot of advantages. I tell you in this post.

Advantages of pans that can go in the oven

What do oven-safe pans allow you?

  • You can prepare an entire recipe in it (yes, you can make a roast chicken or some thighs with onion, garlic and boletus in a pan, if you want!), then allowing an original presentation on the table and convenience when serving (thanks to its low walls).
  • You can make recipes that first require a sauce, a sauté or some initial cooking on the fire, and then put it in the oven , without having to change the container . You dirty less and save time.
  • You can finish a recipe in the oven, such as a gratin .
  • If you have prepared your recipe on the fire a while before, you can give the food a heat shock with the oven to heat it, without having to relight the fire (reducing the risk of burning underneath) or without changing the container (what would you have to do in case you want to heat it in the microwave.
  • In some cases, they allow you to save space and money if you were considering buying two utensils , one for the fire and one for the oven.

Oven safe pans

Things to keep in mind about oven pans

Let's be clear: not all pans are oven safe . Although it is true that there are many pans on the market that can go in the oven up to 120 and 150º for a few minutes. You can look at the manufacturer's recommendations for the pans you have at home. All of these will allow you to at least heat your recipes to heat them up, if that's what you're looking for.

Now, there are the pans that have been designed to go both on the fire and in the oven , and today's post is about these. First of all, keep in mind:

  • There are stainless steel, iron, and nonstick oven-safe pans.
  • In case of going to the oven, they are likely to be subjected to very high temperatures (from 180 to 250º). Therefore, the quality of the pan is very important:
    • they will be pans that do not have plastic or wooden elements (they could melt or burn).
    • In the case of non-stick coatings, they must be of very high quality , so as not to deteriorate and not to pose a health risk.
  • The pan must fit in the oven (in the case of large diameter pans, apart from being suitable for the oven, they must have a removable handle).
  • We should always handle them with kitchen gloves or mittens, since they will take on high temperatures.

What pans can go in the oven?

1. Stainless steel pans

All stainless steel utensils can go in the oven as long as they do not contain wooden or plastic parts. Thus, stainless steel pans (as well as pots) can go in the oven safely. Some examples of them are:

Oven-safe stainless steel pans

De Buyer Affinity frying pan, Le Creuset stainless steel frying pan and Le Creuset sauté pan

    2. Iron pans

    The thing gets interesting : iron is a great heat transmitter, and in turn performs a very good function when it comes to reflecting heat. So being able to cook in the iron and in the oven ensures you a few roasts of ten! (apart from being able to do so many other things on it).

    The iron pans that we recommend to be able to go both to the fire and to the oven are:

    • Le Creuset skillet pan: it is a pan made entirely of vitrified iron (it is exactly like a cocotte, but low and with a handle instead of handles), designed to be in your kitchen for a lifetime. And it's gorgeous! If you plan to use it in the oven, we recommend complementing it with a protective cover, either cotton or silicone , which will help you handle it (in no case can the covers go in the oven).
    • De Buyer frying pan with removable handle : You already know how much we are in love with De Buyer frying pans, because of the flavor that it leaves behind when grilling and frying. In the case of wanting to put it in the oven, you can also with it!, as long as you have the demoldable handle version ( this one )
    • De Buyer frying pan with stainless steel handle or the French Collection : the traditional Mineral frying pan also exists with a stainless steel handle, both the " standard " and its more French version (with the Eiffel Tower handle, also made of stainless steel) . In these cases, you can also prepare your recipes in the oven with all the confidence of great results without the risk of damaging the pan.

    oven safe iron pans Le Creuset skillet pan, De Buyer pan with stainless steel handle and the French Collection

    3. Nonstick pans

    We enter the most delicate terrain. Nonstick pans are the lightest and most comfortable to use, but many have handles that can't go in the oven. For this reason, we will only recommend pans designed to go in the oven , without materials that can melt:

    • Bra Infinity Skillet Definitely my first choice when it comes to recommending an oven-safe nonstick. Its handle is detachable precisely to give it that use. You can also use the Infinity grill pan in the oven.
    • De Buyer Non-Stick Frying Pan : Its stainless steel handle is more than oven-safe.
    • Le Creuset Non-Stick Frying Pan - Exactly like the De Buyer, you can put it in the oven with confidence. Like its sauté version (beautiful and with higher sides that will allow you to work with a greater amount of food or liquids)

    Oven-safe nonstick pans

    Bra Infinity frying pan, Le Creuset non -stick frying pan and Infinity grill frying pan

    Ideas for using your skillet in the oven

    • Roasts : arrange the ingredients in the pan, from the meat to its accompaniment (garlic, onion, tomato, carrot...), salt, pepper and a good splash of oil. Bon Appetite!
    • Chicken or drumsticks with lemon, orange, wine... there are a thousand ways to prepare chicken and you can make many of them in a pan.
    • Pizza! After preparing the dough with its seasoning, put the pizza in the pan, and straight into the oven. It's time to enjoy Saturday night.
    • Baked fish : roast some onion and sliced ​​potatoes in the oven, and when they are somewhat done, place some loins of white fish on top. A super healthy meal and super quick to make.
    • Cookies. If you want to know how to make them, you can see this recipe: giant cookies .
    • Gratins : from cannelloni and macaroni to vegetables au gratin... what you would do on a large tray at a family meal, you can do on a daily basis in a frying pan.
    • Fideuá : Has anyone told you that you can't prepare it in a pan and put the finishing touch on the oven in it?
    • Frittatas – There are an indecent amount of ingredients you can use to make a tasty frittata, and making it in the pan is optimal. What do you have in the fridge today?
    • Sauteed vegetables with baked egg : sauté the vegetables over the heat (onions, asparagus, mushrooms...) and, when they are ready, crack an egg on top, season with salt and pepper and put the pan in the oven until it sets. Remember to bring bread to the table.
    • Bread – There are many breads that you can prepare and bake in a pan.

    I hope these ideas have sparked your imagination! Because there are endless recipes that you can prepare in your frying pan despite being seen many times in other utensils : ratatouille , spicy mustard and honey , meatballs with sauce , tomato clafoutis (or if you prefer it sweet, one of strawberries ) or even a tarte tatin (making the first steps on the fire and the last ones in the oven).

    Go for the frying pan and turn on the oven!


    Claudia&Julia said:

    Hola Lula,
    Los utensilios de granito generalmente disponen de una capa antiadherente para evitar que los alimentos se peguen en ella. Las especificaciones del antiadherente y los materiales usados depende del fabricante y el modelo, aunque los puntos básicos para mantener perfectamente el antiadherente son:

    -No someter el antiadherente a muy altas temperaturas, siempre baja o media.
    - No utilizar utensilios metálicos en ellos ya que se puede rallar.
    -Lavarla siempre a mano ya que el lavavajillas acorta la vida útil del antiadherente.

    Siguiendo estas recomendaciones conseguirás mantener siempre el antiadherente en buen estado. En caso de que se rallase o se dañara la capa de antiadherente, si que sería recomendable usar otra olla.

    Un saludo y muchas gracias por escribirnos.

    Lula said:

    Tengo unas ollss de granito digame si hay alguna complicación para nuestra salud? ??

    Claudia said:

    Hola M Ángeles, lo que comentas de las Mineral de De Buyer es totalmente correcto, pueden ir hasta 10 minutos al horno sin problema a esa temperatura, con lo que puedes dar un golpe de calor a una receta que se ha enfriado o hacer un gratén, pero no más… Al tener limitaciones en tiempo y temperatura no las podemos incluir en este artículo como sartenes que pueden ir al horno en general, pero puedes estar tranquila que sí puedes darle ese uso. Un saludo y a disfrutarla! :)

    Mª Ángeles said:

    Buenos días, yo tengo la sartén hierro Mineral B De Buyer y en la descripción del producto de vuestra página indica que se pueden meter enteras en el horno al no tener mango de madera ( a 200ºC durante diez minutos). ¿Es correcto? Es que ya he dudado. Gracias.

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