De Buyer Mineral B Iron Frying Pan (Detachable Handle*)

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The Mineral B iron frying pan has a detachable handle so you can store it in your kitchen, taking up less space. Because we don't all have the kitchen of a lord.

*The handles, which are not included, are available in four colours, purchased separately here: Removable handle for De Buyer frying pans.

    1. With a design more French than the Eiffel Tower, De Buyer's Mineral B frying pans are hand-cast in natural iron sheets, without the use of chemicals no foreign coatings or heavy metals.
    2. They are polished with a layer of beeswax that protects the pan, giving them a naturally non-stick surface.
    3. Perfect for broiling meats, sauteing vegetables or frying fried eggs.
    4. Suitable for all heat sources including induction.
    5. Can be placed without the handle in the oven..

    Why we like the iron frying pan with detachable handle

    1. If we were already fans of the B De Buyer mineral iron frying pan, the detachable handle makes storage much easier.
    2. This new feature does not detract from the robustness of the pan at all. It's still a thoroughbred De Buyer.
    3. As it can go in the oven, it's perfect for gratinating or adding a heat kick to your recipes.

    History of De Buyer

    De Buyer is a family-owned company dedicated to manufacturing kitchenware for professionals and fine dining restaurants around the world since 1830. With more than 180 years of experience, it offers more than 2000 products in its catalogue and exports to 95 countries. De Buyer collaborates with prestigious cooking schools such as l'École Nationale de la Pâtisserie, l'École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse and l'École Ferrandi.



    . . . . .
    Top diameter Base diameterBase diameter Height HeightHeight Weight
    20 cm 13.5 cm 3.3 cm
    Weight 3.3 cm 0.86 kg 0.86 kg
    24 cm 17.5 cm 3.9 cm3.9 cm 1.23 kg 1.23 kg
    28 cm 20 cm 4 cm 1.93 Kg

    Mineral B De Buyer iron frying pan from Claudia&Julia on Vimeo.

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La sartén va genial! Ya es mi tercera sarten de hierro de buyer y sigo encantada.
Esta vez la curé con mantequilla en vez de aceite, pq creo q la grasa de animal les va mejor para conseguir q los alimentos no se peguen nada desde el principio.
El mango extraible es estupendo, y te ahorras espacio. Pero si tienes hueco creo q mejor la opción con mango fijo.
Y el servicio de Claudia y Julia perfecto, como siempre!

SpeedCom E.S.B.
Sarten hierro Buyer

Me ha gustado mucho, la carne sale muy buena.

Sartén de hierro mineral B( mango desmontable)De Buyer,

Buena sartén. Las verduras quedan estupendamente! Me gusta mucho el mango desmontable, lo que menos me gusta es que pesa un poquito.
No obstante, me parece una buena compra.

Magdalena S.t.

Una gran opcion!