We have good weather in sight, and with it a lot of seasonal vegetables that will fill our kitchen with color and our table with healthy and tasty food without major complications.

Carmen, author of Yerbabuena in the Kitchen , offers us a traditional and healthy recipe that I am convinced you will love. He proposes presenting it with romesco sauce, an ideal accompaniment for this dish. Enjoy your meal!

When I think of Ratatouille, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous movie: I remember when my children were younger and every Disney premiere was a big event at home. Who was going to tell me, while I was watching this movie eating popcorn with my children, that a few years later the plot would have so much to do with my current life and that of my children, and that our world would turn so much in back to the kitchen?

But going back to the recipe, Ratatouille is a dish from traditional French gastronomy based on aubergines, tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables, it is the equivalent of our Manchego ratatouille and is widespread throughout much of the world.

It is a nutritious, healthy and delicious dish, which by itself constitutes an excellent first course or starter, a wonderful dinner, or the best accompaniment to meat or fish.

There are different variants, but this time I have opted for the simplest, using only vegetables and aromatic herbs; yes, I could not resist giving it a personal touch and I have accompanied it with a sauce as rich and ours as romesco.

Do you want to surprise your guests with a rich, healthy and colorful dish? You will only need some very fresh vegetables, a good extra virgin olive oil, some aromatic herbs and a bit of grace when placing the ingredients... If you are also lucky enough to do so in a platter as beautiful and versatile as this one from Emile Henry , better than better, since you will enjoy a slow and uniform cooking, an excellent presentation and you will keep the food hot for longer. For me, Emile Henry is synonymous with quality and good taste! Let's go for the recipe!


2 Eggplants

2 zucchini

2 tomatoes

2 chives

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

Extra virgin olive oil

fresh thyme


Black pepper

Romesco sauce

In the photo, the Kitchen Craft fruit basket and the Bérard olive wood chopping board .


We wash the vegetables very well so as not to take any risk since we are going to use them with their skin.

Cut the aubergines into slices, add a little salt and place them in a colander to prevent them from becoming bitter, while we continue with the rest of the vegetables. To cut into slices, we can use a mandolin to get even cuts.

Cut the zucchini, tomatoes and peppers into slices trying to make everything the same thickness as the aubergines.

Remove the first layer of chives and cut them in the same way as before. Wash the aubergine and pat dry with kitchen paper.

Preheat the oven to 180º. Grease the tray with olive oil, and arrange the vegetables in layers, alternating them so that they are slightly raised and trying to make them harmoniously colored.

Once placed, season with salt and pepper, add the fresh thyme and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil all over the surface. Bake at 180º for 25 minutes.

Present on the tray itself, assemble the dish by putting the vegetables in the form of millefeuille and accompany with a little romesco sauce.

Our Ratatouille is ready to taste!

This is a totally healthy and healthy recipe, if we delete the romesco sauce and do not abuse the oil and salt, this ratatouille will become an ideal ally for people with some type of dietary limitation, for example with hypertension, while continuing to enjoy for it.


MCarmen said:

Me encanta tu presentación. Esta receta es muy conocida en casa.
Como buenos murcianos, somos amantes de las verduras y una de las formas que tengo de elaborarlas es esta que nos presentas hoy. Buenísima, sana y fácil. Gracias por compartirla y recordarmela, hace tiempo que no la hago y mira por donde después de ver tus maravillosas fotos se me ha antojado de nuevo.

Carmen said:

Mariángeles, me alegro mucho que os haya gustado la receta. Desde luego tu toque no puede ser más acertado con ese bacalao y esas patatas. Tomo nota para prepararlo así! Un beso

Mariaángeles said:

Se me olvidó comentaros que, para no restarle colorido a la receta al no poner rodajas de tomate, he puesto pimiento rojo, amarillo y verde. Como suelen ser muy anchos, lo que he hecho ha sido enrollar las rodajas en espiral.

Mariángeles said:

Que mejor primer plato para hoy Viernes Santo. No le he puesto tomates y sí unas rodajas de patata que he medio frito primero. Lo he servido con una salsa de tomate y unas tajadas de bacalao a la plancha untadas con ajo confitado. ¡Riquísimo! Me han hecho la ola, jaja. Gracias por la receta.

Puri said:

Que bonitooo! Me encanta el contraste y el colorido, pienso hacerla ya enseguida.

Lucía said:

Excelente plato y excelente presentación. Lo pondré en práctica estas vacaciones.

Rosa said:

Que rico! La verdad es que a veces las cosas más sencillas son las más ricas, solo hace falta una buena materia prima. La haré seguro porque me encantan las verduras.

Carmen said:

Juan Miguel, lo de la bechamel no acaba de llamarme la atención, pero con ueso parmesano gratinado seguro que esta de lujo. Si te decides a hacerlo, ya nos cuentas.

AnaM. said:

Que bonito colorido , me encantan todas las verduras y presentadas en esos recipientes , de lujo , muchas gracias.

Feliz semana santa a tod@s.

Juan Miguel said:

Tiene una pinta buenisima.
Me pregunto qué tal quedaría con un poco de bechamel y queso parmesano.

Mayka said:

Que sin lugar a dudas la hago. Tiene una pinta buenísima.

Marta said:

Una receta a tener en cuenta ahora que se aproxima el buen tiempo de cara a librarnos de excesos del invierno.

Silvia said:

Mmmmmm q pinta

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