Le Creuset mini-cocottes are so beautiful that they dress the table; its colors give it a lot of life and also its size is ideal for serving individual portions of whatever you want (apart from using them to serve all kinds of appetizers, soups or creams).

As we know that you want to get the most out of them and you want ideas to make all kinds of recipes with them, I leave you with 10 perfect recipes to prepare in a mini-cocotte . Enjoy them!

1. Chocolate coulant in mini-cocotte

I think we can all agree that if there is an addictive and well-known French dessert, it is the traditional and delicious chocolate coulant . You can do it in a large format (in a baking dish), but prepared and served in individual portions it is the perfect way to enjoy it.

Made in mini-cocottes, it not only gives you the ideal medium to serve it directly to your guests, but also the distribution of heat is fast and even, and it also maintains the temperature after taking them out of the oven, so the chocolate inside will remain liquid. for a long time (if you have to take a while to serve it). Delicious!

2. Cherry tomato and cheese clafoutis

The classic clafoutis, originally from France, are sweet, but there have been a wide variety of them for a long time: both sweet and savoury, clafoutis are delicious and very quick to prepare. They are similar to a quiche but without the shortcrust pastry at the base, and although there are many combinations that work fabulously well, the tomato and cheese clafoutis is a real hit: Most people like it and you have them ready quickly without complications! Served individually, as the Le Creuset mini-cocottes allow you, they are a little gem in your cookbook.

mini cocotte recipes

Chocolate coulant (no. 1) and tomato and cheese clafoutis (no. 2)

3. Truffled eggs with mushrooms

I have said on several occasions that I am an "egg-lover" of which there is no. I like the egg made anyway and accompanied by all kinds of ingredients and flavors, and one of the accompaniments that I enjoy the most without a doubt is with mushrooms. So this recipe for eggs in a mini-cocotte with mushrooms and truffled oil has me in love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

It is a very easy recipe to make, but with intense and delicious flavors. Many would say that it is an autumnal recipe; I say that it is perfect in autumn with fresh mushrooms, and wonderful the rest of the year with rehydrated mushrooms.

4. Raspberry crême brulee

If you are looking for another sweet recipe to prepare in mini-cocottes, crême brulee is an ideal dessert. The crême brulée is a cream cooked in a bain-marie that is soft and delicious, and with that touch of the caramelized and crunchy sugar layer, it results in an elegant cream as a whole, which is ideal both for day-to-day and for more days. holidays.

The recipe that I invite you to see ( here ) achieves a mousse-like texture that does not tire, and it is a special version given that touch of raspberries, which makes it different and delicious.

5. Cheese soufflé

You don't have to be a chef to make a good soufflé, but rather it's a matter of knowing some important points: if you follow certain guidelines, you will get delicious soufflés.

You can make both sweet and savory soufflés, and the one that seems to me to be a success and I think will give you a lot of play to generate so many other recipes is the delicious cheese soufflé that I leave you in this link .

In the recipe for this cheese soufflé, you will not only see the tips for it to turn out well, but also that the result is delicious in flavor. The good thing about cheese soufflé is that it results in a light dish that is liked by both adults and children. I'm sure you'll enjoy it at home!

6. Pastor-Style Meatloaf

I think this meat pie (shepherd's pie, they call it in England) has it all: it's a dish with a meat base with vegetables, covered with mashed potatoes and gratin. What does this mean? That it is a main course, that your guests will love, but that can also be a daily dish with which to take advantage of the meat left over from the weekend.

It is very easy to prepare, and prepared in the individual portions that the mini-cocottes allow you, it will make it very easy when baking and serving. Do not miss it!

recipes in mini-cocotte le creuset

Shepherd's-style meatloaf (No. 6) and truffled eggs with mushrooms in mini-cocottes (No. 3)

7. Oeufs en mini-cocotte

Here are other eggs in mini-cocotte, super-easy to prepare and very tasty: these are accompanied by asparagus, blue cheese and a bit of ham. Rich, right?

I must confess that this recipe for eggs in mini-cocottes is similar to what I usually make: I take some ingredients from the fridge that combine well, such as egg with smoked salmon with roquefort, egg with vegetables and a little truffle oil, eggs with mushrooms and pepper... Everything in the mini-cocotte, and in the oven. There are any combinations you want!

8. Mini Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a very easy dish to prepare, based on sliced ​​vegetables, a tomato base and a good dressing. It does not have any complications, and presented in the form of an individual flower, it is a recipe that will get you out of more than one situation.

I invite you to see the recipe that we prepared with chef Stéphane Poussardin and that you will see from minute 5:58 of the video that you will see on our YouTube channel . You can also see the recipe on our blog, to have the step by step whenever you want ( here ).

recipes in mini-cocotte le creuset

Crème brulee (#4), individual chicken and bacon cakes (#10), and flourless chocolate cake (#9)

9. Chocolate cake (flourless) with raspberry sauce

I know, these sweet mini-cocotte recipes are a vice and I should stop talking about them... But they should be on this list! If you want to prepare a delicious chocolate cake, served in the minis and accompanied by a little raspberry sauce, your guests will lick their fingers. I leave the recipe here .

The recipe for this chocolate cake is prepared in an iron cocotte, but as you will read, you can prepare it in the same way if you distribute the dough in the mini-cocottes before baking. The only thing you should keep in mind is not to fill the minis more than 3/4 of their height, because the cake will rise, and in this way they will be perfect.

In the same way, I invite you to prepare the recipes that you usually make in baking dishes individually: you only have to distribute the dough in the minis, instead of the source or bundt mold where you usually make it. The result will be just as good, but served individually: The presentation will be ten!

10. Individual Chicken and Bacon Pie

This is a recipe that attracts a lot of attention: although the mini-cocottes are pretty in themselves, when they turn into shortcrust pastry casseroles they end up totally surprising, and they generate a lot of curiosity by not knowing what they hide inside.

This recipe proposes to fill the chicken and bacon mini-pies, a forceful recipe and full of flavor. Go ahead and prepare it, because you will enjoy it a lot at home!

I hope you enjoy these recipes a lot! And not only of them, but that they inspire you to prepare variations of them and make your own creations. Remember that Le Creuset ceramic mini-cocottes can go in the oven, microwave or fridge, so there is almost no limit... Let's get the most out of them!


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Las mini cocottes se pueden utilizar en horno, microondas, congelador y se puede lavar en el lavavajillas, pero no se pueden utilizar directamente sobre el fuego, ni vitro ni inducción ni gas.
En microondas la cocción es diferente al horno, pero esto depende de muchos factores, potencia, alimento, tipo de micro, tipo de horno, etc.
Es cuestión de ir haciendo pruebas y enseguida verás como lo tienes que hacer ;)
Muchas gracias.

Elsa said:

Hola, estoy pensando en comprar unas mini cocottets y quisiera saber si las mini cocottet se pueden usar en microndas y en vitro.
En caso de microondas, varia el tiempo de cocción respecto al horno?


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