Today the author of The Winter Guest , Miriam, gives us some really useful tips on how to properly cook a piece of meat such as a ribeye or steak. Because although cooking on the grill is something within everyone's reach, it also has its tricks to do it gracefully !

We are entering the season for barbecues and light cooking, and for this, grills are the perfect tool for cooking with little fat, little complication and relatively quickly. It is hardly necessary to prepare anything and the meat can be made as light as we want, with almost no added fat and no sauces.

In the summer heat, a piece of meat accompanied by a good salad is an excellent and balanced meal.

Nothing is easier than making a good meat like the classic cut of the grilled ox entrecote on a heavy iron grill . The tips that I give you below to get a perfect piece of grilled meat are valid not only for preparing a barbecue entrecote, but also for any piece of beef such as a good ribeye or a good sirloin, varying the times cooking depending on the size of the piece, of course.

- The first and essential thing is that the meat is of quality. This usually happens because the price is not exactly low, but from time to time we can treat ourselves.

- It is advisable to remove the pieces from the refrigerator in advance, so that they reach room temperature and the grill does not have as much work to raise the internal temperature of the piece of meat as if we put it straight out of the refrigerator. The heat that the piece receives on the surface finds it difficult to progress inwards, so it is not the same if the center of the piece is at 12°, for example, than at 25°. There are even those who advise bringing the pieces closer to the grill or barbecue while it is heating up, so that they warm up.

- The grill will have to be very hot when you put the meat, so that it gets a nice golden color on the outside.

- It is preferable to grease the piece with oil before putting it on the grill instead of greasing the grill itself, because by greasing it we achieve that the oil is already somewhat burnt when putting the piece on. The easy thing is to spray a jet of oil on top, but it is also advisable to brush it with a kitchen brush .

- It is not necessary to continually turn the meat, it is more convenient to leave it still on each side until it is well browned, thus making better use of the heat from the grill.

- The cooking time depends on the point we want in the meat, of course, although it should not be excessive. For pieces like the one in the photo, about a finger thick, from one minute to one and a half minutes should be more than enough to achieve a good external toasting and a juicy interior.

- It is preferable to salt the meat once it is done, when removing it from the grill, because if we salt it before, the salt can cause it to lose more juices.

- To carve the meat, use sharp knives that cut well (how little is this in style in our country!) and preferably that are not serrated (these tear the fibers, which is why the traditional Pallarès knives are becoming very fashionable now , which has the stainless steel version for the table).

You may also be interested in finding out more about cast iron grills , how to cook on them, and how to care for them. I talked about them here .

With all these guidelines, you no longer have an excuse for not making a fool of yourself this spring-summer season. Take advantage.

In the photo, Pallarès knives . You can find out more about them by clicking here .


Eva said:

Echar se escribe sin h (hechar un chorro de aceite…)

Marga said:

super interesante me encanta leeros

Marta said:

Le regalé a mi marido una parrilla de esta página. Le echaba mucho humo. Les consultamos, seguimos sus indicaciones, y siguió humeando. No la ha vuelto a usar. Una lástima.

MÓNICA said:

Perdón la talla de madera sobre la que. Esta la carne , de que marca es? La venden ustedes?

MÓNICA said:

Y la salsa chimichurri?

Javier said:

Muy interesante pero, por favor,corregid la h que sobra en:

“Lo fácil es hechar un chorro de aceite "


BEGOÑA said:

Me encantan estos consejos, son muy útiles. Yo tengo esta parrilla de Le Creuset y a veces puedes no llegar a estar satisfecha con tus utensilios de cocina si no les das el uso correcto, así que os agradezco siempre vuestros consejos y recomendaciones. Muchas gracias.

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