A few months ago I found myself in France, with some friends, with a company I didn't know much about. The idea I had of Pillivuyt was that they mainly sold tableware and that they were very focused on the hospitality industry, so I hadn't paid much attention to it. Well, one fine day these friends took me to visit Pillivuyt, because we were close; "has a product you're going to love," they assured me.

Pillivuyt is one of the oldest French porcelain manufacturers in the world, and one of the most prestigious in France. In fact, it has the distinctive "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" awarded by the French government to companies for the excellence of their traditional manufacturing processes. It was founded in 1818 by Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt in Mehun sur Yèvre, right in the heart of France, and has managed to evolve to adapt to the criteria of durability and resistance of the hotel industry, without losing its traditional design and manufacturing.

Pillivyut factory, in the heart of France, Berry region

That product that I must have liked so much, I certainly loved it! This is one of their latest novelties: very versatile porcelain containers , in fact they are porcelain cocottes , which we can use to cook on any stove (including induction), and we can even bake biscuits, cook or gratin in the oven. We can use these containers as a cocotte, but with the advantage that they weigh almost nothing and are more resistant than ceramic cocottes. In addition, they are natural and hygienic complements: they do not react with any type of food and do not absorb fat, odors or bacteria since they do not have pores. In addition, food does not stick to its surface, so they are very easy to clean (even in the dishwasher).

I would tell you that, for me, there are two things that make these utensils really special: the first is that, despite being made of porcelain, thanks to their diffuser base they can also be used on induction cookers; the second, that despite being a cooking utensil, they are so light, beautiful and compact that they can be used a lot on a day-to-day basis! From storing leftover food in the fridge or freezer (with the possibility of reheating them in the microwave, fire or oven in the same container), to cooking bread or a cake in the oven; We can use them to cook daily dishes or to prepare a delicious stew by browning the meat on the stove and finishing cooking in the oven. Even that gorgeous lid can be used as a serving plate! All this with the peace of mind of using a material as natural and hygienic as porcelain.

Pillivuyt porcelain cocottes are available in these three different formats.

You see that with the Pillivuyt cocottes I had a crush! I loved its design, its concept and all the possibilities and advantages that porcelain offers us. But since I was in Pillivuyt , I took the opportunity to take a look at everything it has and I found a beautiful salad bowl that we have also brought for the store. It is made of porcelain, with a beautiful design and is available in two sizes.

I hope you like both Pillivuyt and cocottes and salad bowls as much as I do. You'll tell me what you think!

Claudia Ferrer
Tags: Cocotte


Alexandra Valenzuela said:

Cómo puedo contactarme directamente con la fábrica Pillivuyt ó su departamento de ventas para ver si tienen un producto que quiero adquirir. ¿ Hay posibilidad que me envíes el contacto ? Muchas gracias

per anar fent gana (marga) said:

excelentes que bonitas son muy finas e interesantes

Carmen Foyo pelaez said:

Jo! Me encantan son preciosas y si ademas el resultado es el que comentas ,no se puede pedir mas

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