On August 15 , coinciding with the day of the independence of India, the World Day of Indian cuisine is celebrated, a cuisine that is becoming more popular every day, both for its culinary richness and for the benefits every day. best known about the use of spices on health.

Therefore, today I bring you 8 popular recipes from Indian cuisine , and with which you will have guaranteed success at home. I hope you enjoy them as so many others have already!

Characteristics of Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is characterized by the use of a large number of spices and aromas . Curry is surely its most emblematic mix of spices, with that spicy touch and with which a multitude of recipes, stews and sauces are made. But there are so many other specialties of Indian cuisine that have become a classic of international cuisine, from the well-known Tandoori chicken or Tikka Masala, to its much-desired naan bread to accompany any meal -surely many of these names sound familiar to you. , TRUE?.

In Indian cuisine you will find all kinds of stews , which are often accompanied by rice, all kinds of legumes (chickpeas, lentils...) and makes great use of vegetables , always seasoned with spices, curries or masalas.

Traditional Indian Cooking Recipes

1. Lamb korma (Indian stew in cocotte)

I leave you with a delicious Korma, in its simplest version, a mild curry that is made with a base of yogurt and even cream, achieving a creaminess that you will not be able to resist.

Korma is typical of North India and can be made with lamb, chicken, beef or pork, or even completely vegetarian; I also encourage you to add almonds, peanuts or cashews and thus create your own version of Korma. A true delight for all the senses.


Lamb korma recipe


2. Chicken in Balti Indian style

If you are curious or enjoy the flavors of India, there is nothing better than this chicken with a touch of tandoori and garam masala, two of the most popular spices in Indian cuisine, which give it an absolutely delicious flavor in this recipe that you will make making use of only one casserole, in this case the Balti Dish.

Prepare bread, because the resulting sauce is so rich that you will enjoy it a lot: it will be the best success if you accompany it with naan bread.


Indian style chicken


3. Lamb Curry with Naan Bread

Today I bring you a recipe that pays homage to spices: a most tasty lamb curry that will fill the house with aromas that will whet the appetite of the whole family and will make you enjoy yourself at the table.

This lamb curry is ideal to cook over low heat. You will die of desire to dip bread, so I also leave you the recipe for homemade naan bread. You will see how easy it is to do!


Lamb Curry Recipe


4. Prawn curry with coconut milk

Spices in Indian cuisine are essential, they determine the balance of the dish. The term "curry" generally designates a stewed dish, flavored with a particular mix of spices for each recipe. There are various techniques, korma, balti, karhai…and all the curries from the south that are more liquid and spicier!

The curry that I bring you is a Garam Masala recipe that you can easily prepare at home once you have obtained all the seeds to make it…. Or go to any Mini-Market that we all have in the corners of our cities and buy a bottle of Curry Paste with the flavor and degree of spiciness that you like the most from the Patak's brand (the one used by Jamie Oliver in all his recipes and that for me is the richest in flavor) and that it will be luxurious for you!!


Prawn Curry Recipe


5. Cauliflower Koftas with Lime Mint Sauce

The koftas in India are served in curry or with some spicy sauce, they can even be accompanied with boiled eggs, boiled rice or with some variety of Indian bread, such as a chapati. In other Middle Eastern countries they are served with spicy sauces. In Greece these meatballs are served with yogurt or Tzatziki.

This recipe is a version of the vegetarian Koftas, so popular in India. They are made with cauliflower, potato, red lentil and are spiced with garam masala. These are juicy meatballs, with a crunchy point thanks to the cashew nuts and a sweet touch due to the dates. They are served with a double sauce composed of yogurt and a natural mint-lime syrup.

It is a very versatile recipe because you can enjoy them as a starter or an appetizer as a main dish accompanied by basmati rice or they are a fantastic filling for pita bread with the same sauce.



6. Red lentil cream

We are in season of soups and creams that comfort our body and spirit. That's why we bring this succulent red lentil cream with a spice and reasonably oriental ingredients.

The base of this soup is red lentils, a variety of lentils widely used in India and Indochina. Orange in color when raw, they lose most of their color when cooked. They come without skin and split in half, so they are cooked in no time and do not require soaking.


Red lentil cream recipe


7. Lamb and egg kofka tajine

What we know as a meatball is called kofka, but since I have traveled to the world of spices and the most aromatic gastronomy, I cannot call them otherwise. And it is that I have insisted on launching my Le Creuset Tajine with this delicious recipe for lamb kofkas and eggs, and it will not be for recipes to prepare in the tajine, I almost did not decide. Something tells me that just like with the wonderful smoker, with the tagine I will establish unconditional love.



8. Vegetable curry

Curry (or curry) is a very popular mixture of spices in India, which depending on its composition can be sweet or very spicy. If we apply it in a stew it also takes the name of curry. Today, the curry is made of vegetables, and as is the tradition in this recipe we will use it to accompany a good plate of rice.


Vegetable Curry Recipe



Indian Recipe Book: The "Made in India" Book

One of the best gifts I got myself this year is undoubtedly the Book MADE IN INDIA, by Meera Sodha . Beyond being a book with a beautiful cover to look at and to the touch , different and cared for like few others, it is a book of delicacy and traditionality in what Indian cooking is treated like few others.

Through her recipes, the author takes us to her family's kitchen in its most authentic and traditional version, in proven recipes, well explained and that come out delicious . It also tells the what of some recipes, or alternatives so that they come out as close to the traditional flavor at the moment in which an ingredient is required that can be more difficult to obtain here, all in a totally understandable, light and clear language.

For me, a great gift to all those who, like me, are lovers of this cuisine and want to learn ideal recipes for everyday life, not at all complicated and full of joy, aroma and flavor. Thanks to this book I am getting some delicious recipes, very rich in flavor, and without complications! I recommend it 100%, which is why I actually wanted to dedicate these lines to it.


Claudia said:

Hola Rocío, ciertamente, solo hacemos envíos a Unión Europea. ¡Gracias por tus palabras! Saludos, Clàudia

Claudia said:

Hola Rocío, ciertamente, solo hacemos envíos a Unión Europea. ¡Gracias por tus palabras! Saludos, Clàudia

Rocio Jacob said:

Hola, muchas gracias por las recetas tan deliciosas que nos comparte estoy enamorada de sus productos y quisiera poder comprarlos pero he intentado hacer la compra y a Mexico no envian, que lastima porque en verdad son lindos. Ojala abran el mercado en este pais, nos hacen falta

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