November 15th is the day millions of Americans take their bundt pans to work, because it's Bundt Cake Day, International Bundt Day. This date has become popular in an unimaginable way in recent years (in fact, Bundt Day is such a success that its celebration has also reached here in Spain), and in this post I will tell you a little about this day and why. there are so many people who are passionate about bundt pans and the beautiful cupcakes you make with them.

I have mentioned that there would be millions of Americans celebrating this day, and I am not exaggerating: Nordic Ware has sold over 60 million bundt pans in all these years . But, let us start at the beginning...

In the 1950s and '60s, bundt pans became known and popularized when Nordic Ware trademarked the "Bundt" and began selling its distinctive pans.

Bundts were inspired by European fruit tarts called Gugelhupf or Kugelhupf . The funny thing about the case is that Nordic Ware never imagined that they would be so successful: at first sales were few, and they were even about to stop producing them. But suddenly, in 1963, there was a book that mentioned them, neither more nor less than the New Good Housekeeping Cookbook (literally translated "the cookbook of the new and good utensils"), and sales skyrocketed.

Nordic Ware kugelhopf mold

Other coincidences followed , such as that in 1966 the second prize in a very important confectionery contest went to the so-called Tunnel of Fudge, and the success and popularity of these molds did not stop increasing, to the point where they set a day to celebrate the day of the bundt, and that was on the 15th of November.

In my opinion, it may seem too much that it becomes so popular one day that it has been set by a brand, but it is not an exaggeration that there are so many people in love with these molds: only when you have one in your hands can you see the poise they have and appreciate the quality of its material, understanding the difference with many other moulds; and when you try it and make a bundt cake with it, you fall in love with how well defined its shapes are and the wonderful biscuits that they allow you to make at home... biscuits that, despite not having fondants (of which you know I'm not a big fan) they are one hundred percent decorative and attractive.

There is also something that you only understand when you have a bundt, and that is why people want more than one : you get so taken with what you can do with a simple mold, that you want to be able to vary the shape, and that's why it happens whoever has one usually ends up wanting another... Or more! There are so many different ones and they are all so pretty!

That's why I liked this photo so much that Carmen, the author of Yerbabuena in the kitchen , sent me, because I think that with it she defines very well what these molds mean to many: a treasure.

Nordic Ware molds - Photo by Carmen Millán, Yerbabuena in the kitchen

What is a bundt pan and how to use it

Bundt pans have a "chimney" in the middle in order to help properly bake all the batter, ensuring that the inside looks good too. They give a lot of play not only in shapes, but in recipes: you can make a simple, basic and traditional cake recipe in them so that it takes a beautiful shape, as well as more elaborate ones, resulting in a spectacular cake. They are also great for making flans and puddings, jellies, or even used to make bread, among others. After all, it is a non-stick mold in which you can bake any preparation , with the peculiarity that it will take the shape of the mold.

NOTE: In a bundt cake you can bake practically all kinds of cake recipes that you usually make at home, with the grace that it will take the beautiful shape of the bundt mold. It is the mold that gives its name to the type of cake that you obtain.

Using them doesn't have big secrets, but there are a few important guidelines to follow. I personally want to highlight:

  • Grease the mold very well with butter or release spray , ensuring with a kitchen brush that the nooks and crannies remain greased. I love the spray , because it leaves no smell or taste and the bundt always unmolds perfectly. I do not recommend smearing it with oil, because a few days ago I read an article that the remains of oil in the mold is what often causes the remaining remains to burn in second bakes and the dough to stick.
  • When you insert the dough into the mold, lift and drop it several times on the marble or table, tapping the bottom of the mold. This is how you ensure that the mold and its corners are filled correctly, and that the air contained in the dough comes out.

release spray

  • To unmold correctly, the temperature and baking time are very important, and take it out of the oven when it is really done . If it's not baked enough, the dough will still be stuck to the pan... It comes off correctly if the cake is well done (you may even notice that the dough is separated from the pan by a few millimeters when it's already well done). You can check that it's done with a Nordic Ware bundt thermometer .
  • When you take the cake out of the oven, let it rest for 10 minutes . Neither more nor less, otherwise it will be too soft and it will break, or on the contrary it will remain stuck to the mold.
  • Above all, do not insert any hard utensil to remove it, it could damage the mold!
You can see all the recommendations for making a bundt in the post A perfect bundt cake , and I leave you a compilation of all the tips in this video (in it I also talk about preparation times and other tips for baking):

Bundt recipes: many recipes to make in your bundt pan

On a day like International Bundt Day, when you want to bake a delicious bundt cake, what you cannot miss are recipes, so here are some of them, all of them delicious:

Gingerbread Bundt Cake
bundt cake with chocolate icing
O range chiffon cake with candied orange frosting
Hummingbird Bundt Cake
chocolate bundt cake
Lemon Yogurt Bundt Cake with Cheese Thyme Frosting
Chestnut and chocolate bundt
angel bundt cake
Pumpkin and tangerine bundt cake
orange bundt cake
Pumpkin spice bundt cake
coffee bundt cake
lemon bundt cake
Ginger, lemon and white pepper bundt cake

But wait! We have many more on the blog: in this Bundt Cakes section of the blog you will see all the recipes we have to make in your bundt pan.

And if what you are missing is a mold of this type or you want to expand your assortment, at Claudia&Julia we are one of the top representatives of Nordic Ware in the country, so I invite you to see this section with everything that the brand offers us.

Enjoy the day, and especially your bundt!


Luis Alberto said:

El pasado 2017 recibí mi primero molde bundt nordic ware. Me encantó tu blog, ahora a revisar recetas y disfrutar de estas delicias. Gracias!

Claudia said:

Hola Susana, cuánta razón! la verdad es que son un vicio, quedan los bizcochos realmente bonitos. Gracias por compartir tu opinión! Saludos!

Susana said:

Certifico que si compras uno pronto quieres otro, y otro, y otro…. Son un vicio, crean adicción. Pero como son de muy buena calidad no me da pereza cuando ahorro un poco adquirir otro Nordic Ware. Y soy una persona totalmente anónima, pero lo bueno hay que reconocerlo.

Claudia said:

Sí! Yo también Carmen, muchas ganas de ver todas las deliciosas propuestas que estáis preparando!! Muchas gracias, besos, Claudia

Claudia said:

No sabes cómo me alegro Sandra! muchas gracias por tus palabras!!

Carmen said:

Estoy deseando que llegue mañana para ver toda la blogosfera llena con éstos preciosos bizcochos.

Sandra Escobar said:

Me ha parecido muy ilustrativo e interesante. Gracias por la información y las recetas.

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