A few weeks ago we talked about the numerous advantages of frying pans that can go both on the stove and in the oven , and which ones we recommended for this (you can see that post here ). At the end we gave some ideas to inspire you in its use in the oven , but the truth is that, as every day there are more of you who have one and want to take advantage of it to get the most out of it, we thought it would be interesting to leave you with some recipes that we think you will love. .

So here are oven-safe skillet recipes . Although most of the ones you will see are prepared in the oven in the skillet pan , they can be done in other suitable pans (I mentioned them in my other post ):

1. The Provoletta :

I think few recipes are so easy to prepare. You can't miss it, despite the risk of it becoming a Friday night classic.

2. Spinach, ricotta and salmon cannelloni :

Although you can make cannelloni in a big way for a family meal in a baking tray, you can also opt for a reduced and practical version for everyday use. In this case, preparing it in a pan is a very practical option.

Baked recipes in skillet

Spinach, ricotta and salmon provoletta and cannelloni recipes

3. A frittata:

You can make many kinds of frittata, using whatever you have in the fridge or carefully choosing the ingredients you want in it. It is ideal to make it in a pan suitable for the oven because you can cook part of the recipe on the stove to finish curdling the egg well in the oven. I leave you with two very tasty frittata proposals: tomato frittata and artichoke frittata with ham .

Oven-Safe Skillet Frittata Recipes

Recipes for tomato frittata and artichoke frittata with ham

3. Pasta Stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta :

A recipe that you will all enjoy at home. There is a part of the recipe that you will have to do apart from the pan, to end up with a baked gratin.

4. Crown of bread with spinach cream to dip :

If you want to surprise with an informal-looking but most delicious recipe, this is yours. Go turn on the oven!

Recipes made in a skillet in the oven

Recipes of Pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta and Crown of bread with spinach cream

6. Baked Chicken With Vegetables :

A classic prepared in a pan. You will see how easy, fast and comfortably you can prepare this delicious chicken with vegetables !

7. Baked Lamb Ribs With Hasselback Potatoes :

Some classic ribs , but made in a skillet in the oven. Its accompaniment, the roasted potatoes, you feel scared.

Baked recipes in skillet

Recipes for Chicken baked with vegetables in Bra Infinity and Lamb ribs baked with hasselback potatoes

8. Strawberry Cobbler :

Because frying pans are not just for making savory recipes! I encourage you to prepare this cobbler , which you can do with strawberries and rhubarb as well as with strawberries only.

9. Giant Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies :

If the small cookies with chocolate chips are delicious, in a large format they are the best! Do not miss the opportunity to surprise your little ones.

10. Nutella Brownie :

The final touch of the sweet recipes made in a skillet in the oven. A brownie no longer made of chocolate, but of hazelnut cream. A vice.

Sweet recipes in pan

Strawberry Cobbler Recipes, Giant Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips and Nutella Brownie

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