Making a beautiful bundt cake is very easy, because it is the bundt pan that does the work of baking a beautiful cake, but there are some guidelines and tips to use bundts correctly and bake perfect cakes.

The truth is that in all these years working with Nordic Ware we have become great specialists in this type of molds, and we really wanted to collect all the knowledge and translate it into a post: in this post we tell you about the virtues of bundt molds and how to use them . If you are interested in these molds, don't miss it!

About bundt pans

When seeing the Nordic Ware molds, more than one will have thought, go ahead if they are like those of the 50s; No, they are not the same, they are the same. David Dalquist, engineer and founder of Nordic Aware, began making these molds in 1950. Today, there are more than 60 billion items sold worldwide. Every year, many of us wait for the news that arrives from Minnesota, USA, where the still familiar factory that continues to produce almost entirely in its country is located.

However, the origins of this mold are much older and closer to us. After World War II, Central European emigrants who fled to the US began looking for a mold with which to make their traditional kugelhopf, a cake whose ceramic mold is characterized by having a central chimney that provides optimal baking. Thus, due to the need to recover its traditions, this is how the Nordic Ware brand was born, changing ceramics for cast aluminum with a non-stick coating.

The cakes baked with these molds, with their characteristic hole in the middle, are called Bundt Cake and no, they are not especially difficult or complicated. A simple yogurt cake (yes, the one we all make at home) becomes a beautiful and delicate breakfast like this gingerbread bundt Cake , with a perfect shape. If we also play with the ingredients and decorate it with chocolate, for example, we will be able to have a wonderful cake like this chestnut and chocolate bundt cake .

Tips for preparing a Bundt Cake

I admit that mine with the Nordic Ware brand was love at first sight and never better said. When I saw the first biscuits and biscuits made with molds from this house, I simply thought that I would be incapable of making something so perfect, so beautiful, with that traditional, elegant and simple presentation. However, since the first Nordic Ware mold fell into my hands, I was able to verify that special skills, high-level culinary knowledge or being a first-rate pastry chef are not necessary. The mold does it all, you just have to know how to use it.

Therefore, I give you some tricks so that you can keep your mold for many years, like the first day and with the best results:

  1. It is necessary to grease its interior with butter before introducing the dough (the use of oil is not recommended) . In addition, you have to insist well in all the nooks and crannies of the mold so that nothing remains ungreased. You can also use release sprays , very practical to apply, and they do not leave any type of aroma or taste.
  2. They should be filled to a maximum of 2/3 of their total capacity, since you have to leave space for the dough to rise.
  3. Once filled with dough, we tap it a few times on a table or countertop to make sure that the dough reaches all the edges of the mold and that no air bubbles are retained in the dough.
  4. They should be baked on a baking rack, not on a tray, so that the heat will rise up the central chimney and bake on all sides evenly.
  5. Before removing it from the oven, you must ensure that it is well done . This is vital for you to unmold correctly: a slightly raw cake will not unmold you. To ensure that it is well done, follow the baking times in the recipes, and look at the sides - you will see that the walls of the cake have separated a few millimeters from the mold. Also using the bundt thermometer makes the task easier, because it tells you if the cake is done or not (in a bundt pan or any pan!).
  6. Once baked and out of the oven, you must wait 10 minutes before removing it from the mold . To do so, metallic instruments should never be used, just turn the mold gently and it will come out on its own.
  7. To clean the mold, you should use a sponge with a little soap, never a scourer or anything that could damage the internal surface and spoil the non-stick effect.
  8. The best biscuits to make with these molds are those with a consistent body, heavy, so that they fill all the nooks and crannies without any problem and the shape is perfect. Without a doubt, the success of Nordic Ware is that its bundt pans bake fabulously, and you only need to see their poise to understand that they have nothing to do with other pans of their kind that have come out on the market after the fact.

In this video I tell you in detail all these tips and more, from baking times to other tricks to make perfect bundts:

My bundt pan is sticking, how to fix it?

Bundt pans always unmold. If they don't, it's because it's not baked properly or one of the aforementioned guidelines hasn't been followed correctly, because by following these easy tips, the molds unsolder. In fact, so much so that they sometimes seem to slip out of the mold!

  • If one day it seems that it is difficult for you to unmold, there may be a small piece of dough on the upper edge that is burnt and does not allow it to go down: separate that tip of dough from the mold with your finger or with a small silicone spatula.
  • On another day, you may have waited too long to unmold and it has settled to the bottom: in this case, turn the mold over the surface where you are going to unmold and tap the mold with a wooden spatula, or slightly lift the mold from the frame (with the mold inverted to remove the cake) and release it several times, to help it go down.
  • If there comes a day when a bundt mold sticks to one area, 95% of the time it is because it is "saturated" with the oil carried by the dough itself that we are introducing into the mold (despite cleaning them, the molds have imperceptible pores and fat accumulates in them). In this case, it requires fine-tuning, desaturating the mold , a deeper degreasing cleaning: apply a degreaser (ideally KH7) inside the mold and with kitchen paper go through all the crevices and cavities of the mold, so that inside out, to drag all the oil and remains that the KH7 helps us to remove. Clean well with kitchen paper and then wash the mold with soap and water normally. You will see how, after this setting with the degreaser, the biscuits unmold again fabulously well.

Now I imagine that you will wonder which of them is my favourite, well, despite the fact that I like them all, why deny it, my heart is in the anniversary mold , in its large or small version and with which I made this more than advisable cake chestnuts , which was an old recipe that had been around my house for decades.

Any recipe can look good in these wonderful molds and having a Nordic Ware mold is like having a small treasure, one of those that are inherited from generation to generation. Once you touch it and notice its weight, the quality of its materials and the elegance of its designs, you understand that it is well worth the price paid for a utensil that gives us so much satisfaction.


Sandra said:

Hola! Yo me compré el aniversary en vuestra web y la verdad es que me encanta pero siempre tengo mis dudas sobre la capa antiadherente, es segura realmente?? Como ahora salen todo tipo de noticias y documentales sobre esto y cosas que antes no se sabían sobre determinados materiales, siempre me mosquea un poco 😓

Paloma said:

Yo como tu mi primer molde fue el aniversario grande, yo creía que sea más pequeño, estoy enamorada de él, pero no consigo una receta con las cantidades suyas siempre se me queda el bizcocho más pequeño, me podrías mandar alguna de limón o naranja. Muy bueno el artículo, me lo guardo . Un saludo

Claudia said:

Gracias por tu comentario Carmen! Son sin duda una maravilla, estos moldes. Y cierto es lo que dices: te enganchan, porque consigues unas presentaciones deliciosas de la forma más fácil :) Un saludo!

Carmen said:

Noelia lo ha redactado muy bien!
Cuando adquirí mi primer molde lo primero que hice fue seguir los consejos de cómo utilizarlo y me ha ido muy bien hasta ahora.
Cuando vi la calidad de estos moldes, me compré un segundo y ya estoy pensando en este otro molde “aniversary”. Me encantan!

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