The tray with which Emile Henry has made us fall in love this year goes a long way. It is a tray that serves both to present any appetizer, cheese or sausage on the table, as well as to cook: it is a tray designed to go in the oven , with the great qualities of Emile Henry ceramics, so you can bake both in it puff pastries, tartlets with brick dough, cookies and everything your sweet side desires, how you can take advantage of it to bake delicious pizzas, roast vegetables, potatoes, make onions or stuffed mushrooms gratin... Whatever you can think of! But with a great additional addition: you will take it from the oven to the table, and its presentation is sensational.

Today I bring you a very simple recipe, but one of those that makes the whole family fall in love and that helps you always look good. These are purse-shaped puff pastry tartlets, stuffed with apple and with that aroma of cinnamon with which you scent the whole house. A basic and successful recipe that you will have ready in half an hour.

Apple puff pastry recipe - Ceramic baking and serving tray Emile Henry


  • 1 sheet of refrigerated puff pastry
  • 3 Gala type apples*
  • Lemon
  • 60 gr of strawberry jam**
  • 1 tbsp Madagascar vanilla extract
  • 1 dessert spoon of cinnamon
  • 5 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • egg to brush

*In the video, red apple has been used, but it also looks fabulous with Golden apple.

**You can substitute the strawberry jam for another of your liking, such as red fruits, peach or orange. But in case of using the latter, reduce the amount of cinnamon that you apply to a teaspoon of coffee, or they will not mix so well.


  1. Preheat the oven to 180º
  2. Core and cut the apples into small cubes. Drizzle them with a little lemon juice so they don't get ugly.
  3. Mix the jam with the vanilla extract, cinnamon and cane sugar. Booking.
  4. Spread the puff pastry on the Emile Henry tray and cut it in half lengthwise, then cut each of these parts, making a total of 6 squares. Arrange them separated from each other on the tray.
  5. Spread the jam mixture through the central part of each square, a spoon or spatula will help you. Arrange a handful of apple slices on top of each.
  6. Close each of the puff pastry, joining the four corners at the top and thus obtaining the puff pastry bags.
  7. Paint each bag with beaten egg and sprinkle a little brown sugar on top.
  8. Place the Emile Henry tray in the oven, at medium height. In about 25 minutes you will have them ready, but look at them after minute 20 (depending on the oven they may already be ready) and take them out when you see them golden brown.

You can take the tray directly to the table, and it will keep them warm for a long time. Although these puff pastries are delicious if you want to eat them warm.

Apple puff pastry recipe


Claudia said:

Cuánto me alegro, Mercedes!! Es de esos valores seguros que nos sacan de un buen apuro. saludos y a repetir!

Mercedes said:

Hice los hojaldres de manzana el sábado y no duraron nada. Así que los repetí el domingo. Un éxito. Muchas gracias por estas recetas tan buenas y fáciles de hacer

Claudia said:

Un saludo, Martina, gracias!

Claudia said:

Un saludo Maria Amparo, gracias por tus palabras!

Claudia said:

A tí Pepa por seguirnos! Pruébalas y repetiràs :) Saludos!

Martina said:

Menuda pinta, tienen que estar buenísmos. ¡Me apunto la receta!

Maria Amparo Mateo Fernández said:

Fabulosos los hijaldritis de manzana
Gracias por vuestra recetas!!

Pepa said:

Tienen que estar riquisimos y muy fáciles de hacer.Gracias por la receta

Claudia said:

Suena una opción deliciosa!! Gracias, Teresa, un saludo!

Teresa said:

Me encanta el hojaldre, y estos pastelitos de manzana y mermelada seguro que están buenísimos. En mi caso pondré mermelada de ciruelas casera. Felicidades por el blog.

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