Valentine 's Day is almost here and if there is something beautiful for that day, it is being able to share. What more romantic than sharing a moment of peace, good conversation and good food? To inspire you to prepare an evening that invites all of this, we bring you some recipes to make that day a special day , without too many complications (we want to enjoy it, not lock ourselves in the kitchen!) and full of flavor. Happy February 14!

1. Clams in sauce

A dish rich in flavour, a ten-minute presentation and that couldn't be easier to prepare: the recipe for clams in sauce can be the perfect option as a starter on Valentine's Day, and prepared in the French frying pan is already a plus in romance: It's time to travel to the city of love!

2. Blueberry risotto for two

If you are looking for a classic for a couple, without many complications but with a surprising touch, this risotto is undoubtedly the perfect recipe: it is a risotto that, thanks to the blueberries, achieves an exciting color and a really special and appetizing flavor. May the color fill the table and the fruits of the forest fill you with passion!

recipes for valentine

Clams in sauce recipe and blueberry risotto recipe for two

3. Fish cake

Fish is always an elegant option, which if you transform it into a cake becomes a perfect recipe to avoid complications on the day when what you have to do is enjoy: the recipe for this fake scorpion fish cake is great for getting everything ready in advance, and enjoy a great time at the table.

4. Flavored and seasoned baked cheese

What about turning dinner into a sexy snack? I think making Baked Mushroom Cheese Melt, Baked Apple Cheese Melt, or Lemon Ricotta Cheese can be a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day (You'll see what easy treats to make!).

Baked cheese in many ways

5. Truffled eggs

Another ideal recipe to have few complications and enjoy a dinner full of flavor as a couple: truffled eggs are a small delicacy, which, apart from enjoying, will give you something to talk about.

Recipes for Valentine's Day

Fish cake recipe and truffled eggs recipe

6. A rich cheese or broth fondue

Fondue is one of the utensils that brings the most conversations and laughter to the table: it forces you to share the ingredients, to look up from the plate, to cross your arms with each other, to take turns to be served... And all of this entails inevitably to more conversation and good times. In addition, the complication of preparing fondue is really minimal. Is it or is it not perfect for Valentine's Day?

We propose two options: the traditional cheese fondue , the easiest and the one that most people are used to preparing; or a broth fondue , in which you can cook chicken or beef and dip in different sauces.

Cheese and broth fondue

Fondue recipes: chicken and beef fondue in broth and traditional cheese fondue recipe

7. Stuffed sea bass

If what you like is a dinner that is not only romantic but also very elegant, stuffed sea bass can be the perfect dish to accompany the evening. The one we propose is the apple stuffed sea bass recipe with a cider reduction , a really exquisite recipe that you will fall in love with.

stuffed sea bass recipe

Bass recipe stuffed with apple and fennel with cider reduction

8. Manresan cod

Easy, light and with a touch of cognac, with this recipe you will give a most exquisite touch to any moment with your partner. I have no doubt that you will succeed!

9. Quiche recipes, for a more informal dinner

Quiche is an easy recipe to prepare and can make up almost an entire dinner on its own. If on Valentine's Day you prefer to opt for one more day-to-day recipe (there are already other ways to put romance on the table!) and that in turn allows you to enjoy every bite, we leave you with some delicious quiches to prepare that day: a healthy and safe value endive and leek quiche , a more informal option such as the quiche à la tomato , a rich cod, leek and onion quiche or one of my favourites, the salmon and goat cheese quiche .

quiche recipes

Quiche recipes: endive and leek quiche, salmon and goat cheese quiche and cod, leek and onion quiche

10. Cocoa waffles with strawberry jam

Whether to start the day with a very intense breakfast or to end the evening with a touch of strawberries, I hope you enjoy some waffles with a touch of cocoa accompanied by a strawberry jam that is delicious. You have the recipe on video this time, on our YouTube channel.

11. Strawberry Cobbler

We cannot finish dinner without a touch of passion for dessert. The strawberry cobbler recipe is perfect for this: its color, texture and flavor are ideal to surprise and enjoy the moment as a couple... and without a doubt the dessert!

12. Raspberry Crême Brulee

I would dare to say that the crême brulée is a classic in many lunches and dinners for couples. Now, giving it a touch of raspberries makes the recipe that we propose here the ideal one to arouse passions: long live red!


With a biscuit base and a heart of banana, caramel and cream, this cake becomes the perfect dessert to make your Valentine fall in love.

dessert recipes for valentine

Sweet recipes to fall in love with: Strawberry Cobbler , Raspberry Crême Brulée and Chocolate Sponge Cake with Raspberry Sauce

14. Chocolate Pear Clafoutis with Caramel Sauce

If a clafoutis is already a sweet and delicious recipe in itself, if you give it a touch of cocoa and accompany it with a sweet as rich as pear, then you get an ideal recipe. Now you can go for two plates and spoons: this cake is really aesthetic and tastes delicious.

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