A few weeks ago we reached a goal that we were very excited about: We have reached 30,000 on Facebook! The occasion was worth it: we wanted to celebrate it and we did a raffle for a cherry-colored Le Creuset cocotte 18cm in diameter.

We announced the draw on Facebook and Instagram, and today, Monday, February 6, was the day to hold the draw and publish the winner, as specified in the bases.

Well, we already have a winner! We must congratulate María Amparo García, because she has turned out to be the winner of the raffle! We have written it via email and we await your response with the data to make the shipment (if you do not respond in 30 days, we will contact the alternate winner, also resulting in the same draw).

The draw has been held completely randomly through Easypromos; You can see the winner and the certificate of validity of the draw here .

From here, we want to thank everyone for the love you show us with your comments, likes, shares, photos... You make us very happy with all of this!

Thank you thank you thank you!

Claudia Ferrer

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