A few days ago, we shared a post in which we told you how to prepare the cookie icing. Christmas is coming and it's time to put it into practice! Simple decorations for Christmas cookies, but defined and elegant. That is what we want to focus on in this post. I hope that the ideas for making Christmas cookies that I bring you today will inspire you to prepare some of the most beautiful, homemade and original cookies.

The decorated cookies can be used for:

  • To enjoy! At breakfast and snacks, or with coffee at noon.
  • To decorate the Christmas tree: when you prepare the cookie dough, poke a hole (not too small or it will close up during baking), so that you can thread a string through it and use your decorated cookie as a decoration for your Christmas tree or in some nail that you have in the wall.
  • To give away! Whether it's for friends, neighbors and family or the day you're a guest at someone's house, cookies are the perfect delicious treats to give as a present and look good. Those who receive them will love you! Tie them with a string as a package, or use a box of cookies to have the detail ( Laura Ashley's are ideal for this).

Ideas for making Christmas cookies

1) With chocolate and shavings, decorative elements or chopped nuts

Dip the cookies in melted chocolate and sprinkle white chocolate shavings, or colored churritos, grated coconut or chopped nuts on top (chopped pistachios, ground almonds, chopped peanuts...). If you use colorful decorations, they will be more festive and cheerful, and if you use nuts or sober colors they will be more elegant.

They are beautiful if instead of dipping them whole you cover them partially with chocolate, dipping only part of the cookie in the chocolate .

Ideas to decorate your Christmas cookies

2) Outline your cookies or apply simple decorative touches with royal icing

Do not get complicated, outlining the cookies is the most practical, and if you want to apply some more detail that defines or is significant in the shape of the cookie (the eyes and mouth of a gingerbread man, the nose and horns of a reindeer, the door in a little house...). If you haven't experimented much with icing and want to make something that looks good, less is more.

I leave you some ideas of shapes and decorations so that you can find the ones that you like the most or inspire you in your own.

Remember that in this post you have all the details on how to prepare the icing for your cookies.

Cookies decorated with icing

3) Add cocoa to your cookie dough

If you make dark cookies, simply by applying a few tablespoons of cocoa or carob to the dough, the contrast with the white icing is more marked. You can also apply golden decorations if you have them, such as sugar balls or similar, you will see that the contrast is wonderful and elegant. You can also apply small details of gold or silver icing.

4) Fill your decorated cookies with icing

Fill your cookies completely, and apply glazes of different colors. Remember that the colors red, green and gold are the ones that most take us to Christmas.

5) Make embossed cookies

Instead of decorating the cookies, make them pretty to go with it! Use Nordic Ware cookie stamps to make crisp, beautifully embossed cookies. Greetings molds and Snowflake are a Christmas classic.

If what you are looking for is to make traditional Christmas cookies, without a doubt an essential at home are the gingerbread man cookie molds and the beautiful Speculoos cookie mold from Lurch. After having them ready, you can also decorate the cookies with icing, outlining their drawings.

6) Use jam to fill your cookies

You can apply jam between 2 cookies, especially raspberry or strawberry jam: being red and combined with icing sugar, it reminds us of snowy Christmas, and if the cookie is made of butter it results in a delicious sweet.

Cookies with jam

6) Use decorative color accessories

If you use chocolates, shavings and colored sugar balls, you will make some of the most festive and cheerful cookies. You can apply white icing, so you will remember the cold snowy winter of Lapland, where Santa Claus comes from, while all the shavings and details you add stick.

7) Combine different types of finishes

Bring simply sugar cookies to the table, others with icing details and others completely filled. Your guests will be delighted with each of the options.

I hope this post has inspired you to make your decorated cookies! If you need material to make your cookies, I encourage you to see the section on Cookie Stamps and Guns and the Baking Trays section, they will help you make perfect cookies.

If you are looking for the ideal recipe for Christmas cookies, without a doubt the essential and most elven cookies of all are gingerbread cookies. Look at this recipe for gingerbread cookies , there are some delicious cookies.

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