The other day I was talking about which utensils are the basic and essential when equipping a kitchen, and that in fact they are also basic to take into account when renewing the utensils one has. You can see the post here .

Once the basics are covered, one may feel like it or, for reasons of time or practicality, the need to incorporate other utensils into the kitchen. So this is what it's going to be about today: utensils that we would buy in a second round to equip the kitchen.

I think one of the most essential to mention is a pressure cooker: everything you do with it you could do in a pot or in a casserole or cocotte, but with the pressure cooker you get optimal results in a very short time (and from that We are not left over, right?). In addition, food cooked in a short time and with a small amount of water as we do in a pressure cooker, retains all its nutritional properties, vitamins and a delicious appearance, especially vegetables. So with a pressure cooker, the truth is that you earn a lot!

We all know that pressure cookers are not cheap, but it is worth buying good ones: first, because the best quality ones close better and achieve conditions in which you really cook faster than with a conventional pressure cooker; and second, because they take a lot of pressure inside, and for this reason it is worth being trusted.

pressure cookers

Kuhn Rikon Duromatik Ergo pressure cooker, WMF Perfect Plus set and Fissler pressure cooker

In the store, we have an important variety of pressure cookers. We could highlight the classic Kuhn Rikon Duromatic , or the WMF Perfect Plus set , which includes two body sizes that work with the same top. Another one worth looking at is the Fissler , which has the advantage of offering many sizes, even 10L, ideal for making a good amount of stock! You can see all the ones we have in the store and that we definitely recommend here .

If we continue with other utensils that are of great help in the kitchen to complement the basic ones, I would recommend having a low cocotte, a casserole type cocotte (either iron like the one from Le Creuset , or a non-stick type from Bra ): both for risottos such as roasting meat in the oven, or making a fish stew or cooking meatballs... a saucepan that is lower than a conventional pot gives a lot of play and you will end up using it in your day-to-day life, and in the case of iron you get superior results in flavor and cooking.


Le Creuset Cast Iron Cocotte and Bra Nonstick Saucepan with Lid

If we move in the field of frying pans, it is clear that these are basic and were included in the post the other day... but a type of frying pan that will complement your day-to-day life is a wok: both for cooking vegetables, tofu or salmon in pieces, achieving the quick cooking results you expect in Asian cuisine, as well as taking advantage of its high walls to fry avoiding unwanted splashes... the truth is that you end up getting a lot out of a wok!

Today I will not stop mentioning what is essential for me, although because of the basic nature of the other day I did not mention it: a good baking dish! Both for cannelloni or lasagna, or for making pastries or roasting a good piece of chicken or lamb in the oven... mmmmhh! A good dish will give you a lot of play, you will cook comfortably in it if you get the size right, it will not pick up flavor or smell, you will clean it easily and it will last a lifetime!

If you want to see some of the trays that I am most pleased with, I must certainly tell you about the one by Emile Henry, of precious and excellent ceramics that I am convinced you will get a lot out of; another one that I'm in love with is the iron one from Le Creuset (it's like a cocotte, but in the shape of a tray with handles); or the less heavy but more delicate alternative because it can be grated are the non-stick ones, in this case I would invite you to see the Le Creuset roasting tray (this will not be as useful for pastries due to the handles), or the non-stick tray for basic and lifelong ovens , also from Le Creuset. You can see them all in " Baking dishes ".

oven trays

(Top) Emile Henry ceramic baking dish and Le Creuset cast iron tray
(Bottom) Le Creuset nonstick broiler pan and nonstick oven pan

If you prefer to always roast them in the cocotte, then I would recommend that you have at least a ceramic mold , which will serve you both to make cakes and to serve salads and other meals that you prepare, with a good presentation on the table. There are some precious ones, and both those by Le Creuset and those by Emile Henry have excellent ceramic quality (non-porous, scratch-resistant, odor-absorbing...).

If you still have space for a little extra, and you are one of those who like to share a table with friends and family, a fondue cannot be missing in your kitchen! It gives a lot of play, both for salty and sweet fondues, and allows you to serve a fun lunch or dinner without any difficulty or preparation time!

Savoyarde fondue and tall ceramic mold, both by Emile Henry

Following my list of recommendations, having a paella pan will be interesting if you are one of those who celebrates every Sunday with a paella or fideuá.

Finally, there cannot be a good lunch or dinner without a good wine or champagne, so if you open the bottle with a quality corkscrew, you will give the perfect touch to the table... and it will surely give your diners something to talk about. . Showing off a Screwpull corkscrew always works well for me!

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