There are few dishes that are consumed or desired more in the summer than cold soups of all kinds. These elaborations so typical of our country represent the best of the Mediterranean diet, which we should never abandon. Healthy and delicious, they have it all.

And as we always advise you, they are very easy to make at home with the right kitchen utensils.

What kitchen utensils are needed to prepare cold soups?

  1. Depending on whether it is a cooked or raw dish, we will need a good casserole to cook the ingredients, as in the case of vichyssoisse , that cream that is prepared with leeks and boiled potatoes and is served very cold. Mmmm. If you want to speed up cooking, a pressure cooker has many other advantages.
  2. A good blender , blender or hand blender to grind the ingredients and leave the cold soup fine and smooth.
  3. If we want to be even finer, a good potato mill or Chinese to leave absolutely no skin on the vegetables.

soup making utensils

Kitchen Aid blender , Fissler pressure cooker and Tellier stainless steel potato masher

Five cold soup recipes

Perhaps in cold soups that are so traditional in our country we can distinguish between those that are prepared with tomato , which is familiar to all, and those that do not have that characteristic red color.

I am a great fan of the extremely traditional gazpacho and Cordovan salmorejo (click on the links to see the recipe). Gazpacho requires little presentation, as you already know that it is made with tomato, pepper, garlic and bread in its most basic version. And with its virgin olive oil and its vinegar , don't miss it.

Salmorejo is similar to gazpacho , but it only has tomato and garlic when it comes to vegetables, and much more bread than gazpacho, so the result is thicker. So much so that I know Cordovan natives who consume it more as a dip or dip than as a soup.

summer soup recipes

Gazpacho recipe (served in Tokyo Design Nippon Blue bowls ) and beetroot cream recipe

Among the popular cold soups that do not contain tomato is the succulent Malaga ajoblanco , a soup that is thickened with bread and good almonds. If you dare to try the recipe ( here ), I assure you that you will not regret it.

Melon soup is another formula that has become popular and can be made in a variety of ways, but the way I do it, it uses melon, fruity white wine, a little honey, lemon juice and salt. Simple to let the melon flavor shine through. Oh, and a garnish of sliced ​​Serrano ham, raw or toasted, is wonderful.

The fifth soup that I want to recommend for the summer is more of a cream: beetroot cream . It is a soup that I love served cold, it is really tasty, although you can also remember it for the cold months and serve it warm. The recipe that we propose ( here ) is accompanied by a few tablespoons of yogurt, which rounds it off and surprises.

Although it is not the most traditional, I like the idea of ​​serving cold soups as an appetizer or shot in small portions and in fun containers, such as minicocottes . Imagine a snack with varied portions of cold soups... what a good idea, right?

Le Creuset tureens: ideal for serving soups

Le Creuset tureens are perfect for all kinds of soups, both cold and hot. The quality of its ceramic perfectly preserves the flavors and keeps the cold and heat well .

ajoblanco recipe

Málaga ajoblanco recipe , served in Le Creuset tureens

Like all Le Creuset products, they not only have bomb-proof quality and resistance, but they are also precious, with those vivid colors and that characteristic line. Look at them, don't they look beautiful to rage?

Although if you prefer another style to serve cold soups, Emile Henry's deep plates also have wonderful ceramics and lines. Without forgetting the porcelain bowls from Tokyo Studio .


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