The author of Sweet&Sour , Virginia, surprises us today with a recipe full of flavor and color. You will love this beetroot cream cold on hot days, although it is also ideal hot to warm up on colder days.

He has prepared it in a cocotte that has stolen my heart: it is porcelain and gives a lot of play. This is the Pillivuyt cocotte , which you can use both to cook on the fire or in the oven, as well as to store food in the fridge, it is really versatile. In addition, its smooth lid with little handles is so pretty that I love using it as a serving tray. But you can give your own opinion of it after seeing this delicious recipe and photos!

We are already in September and we are dangerously headed down the slope of the routine. Early wake up, quick breakfasts, children to school, organizing schedules and activities and meanwhile our working day... Buff I'm almost tired just thinking about it.

But not for that we should stop taking care of ourselves and give ourselves small whims. In this case with a delicious Beetroot Cream, that you take it fresh on days when the heat is still tight, that it is warm when autumn or winter make an appearance. And the best you can have it in the fridge ready for dinner or to accompany us in the tupperware or in our airtight glass container , to work.

As the beet has that sweet touch, as it happens to certain types of pumpkin, such as butternut or potimarron, I have added spices, to raise the tone, in this case it has been Ras-el-hanout, a mixture widely used in North Africa, but Granmasala is also doing very well.

To give it a festive touch, a little Armagnac, which you can do without, if what you are looking for is a more simple daily cream. And of course do not miss the touch of my aromatic herbs.

I have prepared it in my new Pillivuyt porcelain cocotte , which goes on the fire (on any type of fire, including induction) as well as in the oven, and we serve it at the table with a spectacular presence, with that elegant, clean and well-cared aesthetic. I even use it to store our meals in the fridge, because it is such an ideal size that it does not take up space in the fridge, as is the case with other types of pots. Since I have it I use it for everything.

In addition, the porcelain is of excellent quality and is so extremely non-porous that the immaculate white does not stain with use. I can attest to that, because with this beetroot cream, if it were so, I wouldn't have lasted. I cleaned this directly in the dishwasher.

In addition, the lid is so cute, that I even use it as a serving plate. What do you think?
For me, it is the ideal size to obtain 4 servings in this case and not take up a lot of space.

But let's go with the recipe!

Beet cream cocktail recipe

Cream in the Pillivuyt porcelain cocotte , and lid of the cocotte used as a toast tray.

Ingredients (For 4 servings)

3 fresh beets, peeled and cut into medium pieces
1 medium potato
1 leek cut into brunoisse
1 red onion cut brunoisse
1 purple radish
Water, or vegetable or chicken broth
Salt and pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 glass of Armagnac (optional)
basil and fresh thyme
1 teaspoon Ras el Hanout
4 tablespoons of Yogurt to accompany


We start by preparing the vegetables:
We put our cocotte over medium heat. Those who have an induction cooker will not need the usual diffuser, thanks to the fact that the base of this cocotte already has it incorporated.

Add the oil and sauté the finely chopped leek and red onion.

When it is well poached, we raise the heat and add the purple radish cut into squares and the smashed potato. Sauté for a couple of minutes.

Next we add the beets. We let everything sauté well and the flavors meld, so that even the vegetables take on some color.

Pillivuyt porcelain cocotte

We then add the small glass of Armagnac, if we use it and leave a couple of minutes for the alcohol to evaporate and the caramelizations of the vegetables that we will have at the bottom are collected. Next, if we use ras-el-hanout, it is time to incorporate it, but taking care that it does not burn.

After a couple of minutes, cover with the water or broth, put the lid on and lower the heat to medium. Let cook until the beet is tender. About 20 minutes.

Let cool and grind.

Season to taste.

We serve crowned with a spoonful of yogurt and more aromatic herbs. Delicious the mixture of the sweet point of the beet with the spices and the yogurt.

To enjoy.


- You can peel the beet with a potato peeler , and I advise you to use latex gloves or similar to avoid staining your hands. If in spite of this they are dyed, with a little lemon the color will come out.

- I advise you to crack the potatoes, not cut them, to help the starch come out.

- The beet, cut it into medium-small pieces, so that it is done before.

- If you want a finer cream, you can pass it through the strainer.


cream in cocotte pillivuyt


Mariona said:

Yo la hago mucho más fácil y està riquíssima: picar dos cebollas en aceite de oliva junts a tres remolachas cortadas a daditos, cuando está todo blandito cobrir con caldo Casero de verdures i pollo, 20 minutos y triturar, servir con pistachos picados por encima, delicious!!! ???

Virginia said:

Muchas gracias Montse.;)

Claudia said:

Muchas gracias Motse! :)

Claudia said:

Hola Kuqui,

quieres indicarnos con qué ingredientes tienes problemas y lo comentamos con Virginia? :) Saludos!

Kuqui said:

me encanta la remolachas!, pero hay veces que algún ingrediente es complicado o directamente no se encuentra! Podríais indicar como sustituirlo ? Espero con impaciencia vuestras recetas , me encantan!.

montse said:

absolutamente inpresionante, no tengo palabras,

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