On this occasion, Miriam, author of The Winter Guest , brings us a recipe that you will adore : it is a semifreddo with the most addictive ingredient there can be: chocolate! In addition, this semifreddo is one of the easiest to prepare, so we encourage you to try... And enjoy!

A semifreddo ... Do you know what it is and why it is called that? Well, it's a frozen dessert, similar to ice cream, but because of the way it's prepared it doesn't produce the same cold sensation in the mouth , hence its graphic name.

What differentiates the semifreddo from an ice cream is that more air is previously introduced into the mixture, either with a meringue, or with a zabayon, or by whipping the cream, there are even semifreddos that contain these three components, what a display of means.

For this reason it does not need to be buttered/churned like ice cream (the multiple air bubbles limit the size of the ice crystals); it freezes directly and without anesthesia, and it always looks good.

This dark chocolate semifreddo only has whipped cream as a sponging element, so it is one of the simplest semifreddos that we can prepare . But you will not be disappointed. Among other things, because it is very chocolaty...

chocolate semifreddo

Tokyo Design Textured Plate and Emile Henry Dessert Plates


  • 285gr of 70% cocoa chocolate
  • 240ml of whole milk
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 100g of sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 360ml of liquid cream (minimum 35% fat)
  • Additional whipped cream for serving


  1. Line a rectangular mold with kitchen plastic ( Birkmann's is a good option). We booked.
  2. Put the chopped chocolate in a large bowl (we will make the final mixture in it) and place a strainer over it. We booked.
  3. In a saucepan (if it is with a pouring spout like this one always helps to transfer the content later) we put the yolks, sugar, salt and milk. We mix perfectly with some rods .
  4. We put the saucepan on a very low heat and heat without stopping stirring for a moment, so that the yolk does not curdle at any point. If we have a probe thermometer it is easy to control the curdling, which occurs from 72°-73°. If we don't have it, we do it like the grandmothers: when the cream covers the back of a wooden spoon and a groove remains when passing the finger through it.
  5. Eye, what happens if we cut the cream? If we curdle it carefully, it should not happen to us, but if we are unlucky, we will immediately add a splash of cold cream and beat with a hand blender . It doesn't look exactly the same, but it serves our purpose.
  6. Immediately pour the thickened and hot cream over the strainer and the chocolate that we had in the bowl. We help with a silicone spatula to pass all the cream, squeezing on the strainer and scraping the bottom.
  7. We remove the cream with the chocolate until it is all integrated. Let it cool at room temperature.
  8. Then we mount the cream, which should be very cold , until it makes soft peaks, it should not be completely hard because it costs much more to mix it with the chocolate cream.
  9. We add the cream to the cream , never the other way around as the chocolate could solidify too quickly, and we mix with a spatula and smooth and enveloping movements, although with some speed.
  10. Pour the mixture into the previously prepared mold , cover with more plastic and put the mold in the freezer for at least one whole night.
  11. When we are going to serve the semifreddo, we unmold it on a platter and let it warm up for 5 minutes. We can decorate the portions with some additional whipped cream.

chocolate semifreddo

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Although it is not the most common, with this dark chocolate semifreddo you can also form balls of ice cream to put them on waffle cones or even make ice cream sandwiches with square wafers. Try all the methods and choose the one that convinces you the most…

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