Making homemade sangria in the most natural way is not difficult at all and it doesn't take that much work either. We believe that it is very worthwhile, so we explain it to you step by step .

Sangria is a summer classic because it is delicious, it refreshes a lot and you always feel like it. It is as famous beyond our borders as paella, but against the outrages that are committed against it abroad and in various beach bars, we are going to learn how to prepare a traditional sangria with natural ingredients and in a moment with the right utensils. .

traditional sangria

Ingredients for homemade sangria

With the homemade sangria recipe, as with any very traditional recipe, there are great controversies about whether it includes this ingredient or not the other. We dare to give you our formula, without giving you exact amounts, because we understand that this is very personal, but with some possible variants:

  • Red wine , which should not be of poor quality, although it is not necessary to use a Vega Sicilia either .
  • A small proportion of sweet wine adds a delicious touch to the sangria.
  • Natural orange or lemon juice , freshly squeezed, no soft drinks to the top of sugars and colourings.
  • Peaches in large pieces.
  • Sugar to taste, but better not to go too far.
  • Cinnamon , if we like (in stick)
  • Soda , optional
  • Some liquor like Cointreau, vodka and even cognac. Also optional.

Optionally: other fruits, such as strawberries, pears, apricots... Likewise, 1 can of soda.

The measurements are really up to the taste of the consumer, and there are a wide variety of indentations, but if you have never made it, you can start with the following ingredient guide, try it and adapt it to your taste of sweetness, strength and fruity flavor to your liking:

1 L of wine, a glass of sweet wine, 3 peaches, the juice of 2 or 3 oranges (depending on the amount of juice they make), the juice of 1 lemon, 1 cinnamon stick and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Go ahead and add 1 nectarine and 1 sweet but firm pear.

Step-by-step elaboration of the indentation

In my opinion, to make the sangria mixture, the best thing to do is a large bowl or salad bowl, where the sugar can be stirred well to dissolve it, like a good champagne jug or a fruit bowl (the Affari or Le Creuset bowls are ideal for this. ), which also because it is made of glass allows you to see perfectly when the sugar has dissolved.

  1. We pour the wine and spirits , if we use them, in the chosen container. Add the sugar and stir with a wooden spoon.
  2. Squeeze the oranges or lemons with a juicer and add the juice to the wine.
  3. We peel the fruit that we are going to add if it has an unpleasant skin, such as peaches, with a peeler. I don't see the need to peel fruit like apples, for example.
  4. Cut the fruit on a juice board (do not throw away the juice, add it to the sangria) with a good knife; In rather thick pieces is the most traditional , although there are those who like it more minced, for which we can use a special cutter that makes us perfect cubes in a moment.
  5. Add the cut fruit to the mixture. Some people like to let the sangria rest well before serving it so that the fruit soaks up the liquid; I know many people who eat the soaked fruit as a delicacy.
  6. We also add the cinnamon , if we like to put it.
  7. If we are going to put some soda, it is convenient to add it at the last moment so that it does not lose much gas.

how to indent

Sangria is traditionally served in a glass pitcher , so that you can see the strawberries swimming with their pretty colors; we can transfer the sangria from the salad bowl to the bottle when we are going to serve it. Although if there are few of you at home and you prepare a small amount of sangria, a bottle with a strainer is a good idea.

But yes, what is always essential is that the sangria is very fresh , for which ice cubes are usually added in abundance just in advance so that they cool, but do not allow time for them to melt completely before serving it.

Do not say that we do not give you all the facilities to prepare a homemade sangria with which to leave everyone speechless this summer. And with all the utensils to prepare and serve the sangria perfectly.


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¿Qué proporción utilizas con todos los ingredientes?

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