Many times the simplest is the most successful. This recipe for white chocolate with almonds is a clear example of this. It is so simple to prepare that I don't know if we should consider it a recipe as such, but I assure you that these snacks will make you succeed wherever you take them.

With hardly any work, in three simple steps, you will be able to prepare a perfect homemade detail to give as a gift this holiday season, or any other day of the year, or to surprise your guests and sweeten the after-dinner coffee, especially if you present them in a ramekin or inside a ceramic pot from Le Creuset .

You will see how the softness of the white chocolate with the crunchiness of the toasted almonds is a winning combination, which with just a pinch of Maldon salt is enhanced and enhanced in a very interesting way.

I won't make you wait any longer, here's the recipe!

White chocolate with hazelnuts recipe


  • 400g white chocolate
  • 150 g almonds toasted and chopped
  • 15ml Maldon salt


  1. Arrange a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray.
  2. Melt the white chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave, until smooth.
  3. Pour the white chocolate onto the baking paper and spread it out with a spatula, so that it is a thin, even layer.
  4. Sprinkle with the chopped almonds and sea salt.
  5. Take the tray to the fridge and let it cool for 30 minutes.
  6. When it's cold, cut it into not too big pieces and put them in a ramekin, in the prettiest pot you have or on a plate and serve.


  • Feel free to adapt this recipe to your liking. With any chocolate, be it dark, white or milk, these treats will be delicious.
  • You can not only vary the chocolate. Use hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, or a combination of your favorite nuts with chopped dried fruit. And what would you think of some salty pipes or some chopped kikos?
  • You can lightly flavor the chocolate with some vanilla seeds. Add them when you melt it and stir well before pouring it on the sheet of baking paper.
  • Instead of spreading the chocolate to break it once cold, you can distribute it on the paper by spoonfuls, smoothing it slightly, giving it a rounded shape, like buttons. This way you won't have to split it before serving.
  • Dare and grind some black pepper over the spread chocolate, when you have sprinkled the nuts. You will see how delicious!
  • You can use pink salt to give a touch of color.
  • Put the plate or ceramic bowl in which you are going to present the treats in the fridge while you let the chocolate cool. Being ceramic, they retain the cold and, in this way, if it gets a little hot in the room, those that you have not eaten will not soften. Assuming there are any left!

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