Far from just making homemade yogurt, in the yogurt maker you can prepare an infinite number of desserts (why else would they call it Multidelicias Yogurt Maker ?), from custards and creams to puddings, custards, fresh cheese or even biscuits. After all, an electric yogurt maker is a steam cooking device (you put water in its base before starting it, which will evaporate and steam it), with the great benefits of controlling temperatures and times .

In addition, you do it in crystal glasses, which are very comfortable and beautiful both for the preparation of desserts and for their presentation (and they are very easy to clean, since they are suitable for the dishwasher). All this in record time!

Multidelices Yogurt Maker

What is the Yogurt Maker for?

You will wonder what you can do in the yogurt maker. The yogurt maker is an appliance that provides heat, and it works with steam. You can make up to 6 yogurts, desserts or cheeses in it at the same time. It has a top lid that closes the yogurt maker, containing the glasses and retaining the steam and heat that will do the cooking.

Being a device that applies heat, always in a controlled way, it is ideal for all kinds of recipes : in the yogurt maker you can make all those recipes that you can present in jars, and that all they require is a base or dough that requires heat or steam cooking to cook.

  • You can make yoghurts: the heat (low and controlled in this case, so as not to damage them) will help the bacteria fermentation, and you will get homemade yoghurts. You can make them natural, with flavours, apply jam or fruit on the base, with a biscuit... You can make an infinite number of homemade yogurts, controlling the ingredients and quantities that you apply, playing with textures and flavors and obtaining the most varied desserts.
  • Other Dairy: From curds to homemade Pétit Suisse or cream cheese, the heat will "curdle" the milk, making for delicious dairy desserts.
  • Custards and creams: prepare the base recipe for homemade custard, Catalan cream, crême brulee or a delicious chocolate cream (what addictive desserts!). Making these bases is easy, and after putting it in the yogurt maker, it will be the one that will cook it for you to obtain delicious desserts in about 30 minutes (more time to cool in the fridge).
  • Flans: it is one of the most common uses for the yogurt maker, because how many times do we have flan at home and how easy is it to prepare? You mix the ingredients (nothing as easy and tasty as eggs, milk and sugar), and the yogurt maker cooks them for you in 45 minutes, without the need to make a bain-marie or turn on the oven. From traditional egg flan to coconut flan, cinnamon, chocolate, condensed milk... You will prepare flan in cantidubi!
  • Puddings : exactly the same as flan, but with the addition of some leftover homemade pastry dough, you'll be making delicious homemade puddings in no time.
  • Doughs and biscuits: Steam your biscuits and serve them in individual portions! Nothing is as easy and clean as pouring the batter of your cake recipes into the glasses and pressing a button - you will have your individual cakes ready in less than an hour, without turning on the oven! From the typical yogurt cake to lemon, orange, chocolate, pumpkin, carrot, marbled cakes...
  • Other desserts : there are many more recipes that you can make in the yogurt maker: rice pudding, blondies, bacon from heaven...
  • Salty recipes: now that it is fashionable to bring food in a jar, or present individual appetizers, you can make the most varied fritattas in the yogurt maker (it is just about steaming the egg). There are other recipes you can think of, too, like cornbread stuffed with your favorite ingredients. Think of recipes that require heat or steam cooking, and you will be right.

Yogurt Maker Recipes

Recipes in Yogurt Maker

There are two things that I encourage you to see to obtain recipes in the Yogurtera Multidelices:

  1. The yogurt maker recipe book , which you can see here : in it you will find a wide variety of recipes to start taking advantage of your new appliance.
  2. All the yogurt maker recipes on our blog , from flans and yogurt maker creams to puddings, you will see them here .

How to make yogurt with the yogurt maker

A yogurt has a lot of benefits for our health and making yogurt at home even more: you control the ingredients and amounts you use, making them super natural, it's super fast and it's also fun (for adults and for children, who often help me in the homework).

To make yogurt you only need two ingredients: milk and bacteria. The bacteria will ferment the milk, and you will get the yogurt.

Where do you get the bacteria for your first yogurts? You don't have to buy bacteria! The only thing you need for your first homemade yoghurts is a yoghurt - mix a quality whole natural yoghurt with milk, and distribute the mixture in the yoghurt maker jars. Put water in the base of the yogurt maker and turn it on, in a few hours you will have homemade yogurt.

Although it is true that the first yoghurts you make each have that small part of purchased yoghurt, there is a very small amount of it in each yoghurt (it is divided into 6 jars), and from those first yoghurts you make you can use your own to make more yogurts. All in all, it is interesting to buy a quality yogurt for your first yogurts, made from milk and ferments in quantity and quality, so that you obtain dense yogurts full of flora.

Make flavored yoghurts, add jam to the yoghurt base if you like its flavor and sweetness, you can sweeten them with natural sweeteners in the mix, you can add fresh fruit, candied fruit, dried fruit, aromas... Prepare your yoghurts with your favorite combinations!

Multidelices yogurt maker programs

The yogurt maker comes with 6 jars and 6 removable grids/strainer to make fresh cheese, and it has several predetermined programs , which are:

  1. Program to make yogurt
  2. Program to make fresh cheese
  3. Program for daily desserts : with it you will prepare everything that are custards, creams, custards, puddings... Default at 45 minutes
  4. Express program: only the new version of the Multidelices Yogurt Maker (the one we have in the store) includes this express program. This is an advanced function to ferment yoghurts in 4 hours, instead of the usual 8 in this type of machine.

Despite coming with these programs, you can also modify times and temperatures manually : if you have overfilled the jars, or if you have made an extremely wet cake dough and you will require a little more temperature or time... You can press the program to use and, after that, add the minutes of time you want or raise or lower the degrees of heat at will.

Also remember that the yogurt maker is an electrical appliance optimized for low energy consumption. This is important, especially in longer programs for which it is interesting to know that, in fact, they require little energy, since you need a very low temperature to cook the yoghurts (therefore, little energy to heat them, just enough to keep it).

Discover the yogurt maker with this video:

Things you should know about the yogurt maker

  • Apart from the 6 glasses that come in the yogurt maker, you may be interested in getting 6 additional glasses. This is interesting when you want to make desserts without stopping, if you want to make a variety of desserts without having to finish all the yogurts or desserts that you have ready in the fridge, or if you want to make more of the recipe once you get down to it, to make two batches. , one after another, of that prepared mix. If you want to purchase additional glasses you will find them here .
  • The glasses are made of glass, so your mixtures will not smell, and they are 100% dishwasher safe.
  • There is an accessory that I really like, and it is the 1 L capacity rectangular container . With it, you can do exactly the same as with the glasses, but in XL size and having only one container to clean. Are you into making XL yogurts and flans, or do you want to make a delicious cake ready to serve?
  • You can also make liquid yogurt. For this you will need specific jars for this, the jars for liquid yogurt from Multidelices.

Yogurt Maker Accessories

Set of additional glasses , 1L container for Multidelices and glasses for liquid yogurt

Making yogurt at home is nice, easy and pleasant, but discovering how easy, clean and convenient it is to make desserts such as custards, creams and custards is truly a joy. The truth is that the Multidelices yogurt maker gives you a lot of play and provides you with a multitude of options: I hope that with this article I have been able to convey that, in fact, with it you can make an infinite number of recipes and in the most comfortable way possible (in addition, without suffering from heat , since it prevents you from turning on the oven).


MaCarmen said:

Hola yo la tengo de las antiguas los yegures me los hace bien nunca puse agua y seme hacen es mejor poner agua quiro mas recetas

Claudia said:

Hola Aida, claro que sí :) Tu prepara la mezcla y con la yogurtera te ayudará. Ojo a la temperatura, no sé si tendrás que modificarla ligeramente respecto a las bacterias de yogur estándar para que fermente… Eso tendrás que mirar qué temperatura es la más adecuada para el kéfir. Saludos

Aida said:

Se puede usar con granulos de kéfir

Claudia said:

Hola Jordi, pues deberías poder hacerlo, pero me temo que no tenemos experiencia en ello con la yogurtera. Sólo tubimos un comentario de un cliente que lo había hecho con leche de soja, pero desconocemos si fue realmente satisfactorio o si tubo que hacer varias pruebas que obtener buenos resultados con ello… Lamento no poder ser de más ayuda pero tampoco queremos darte una información errónea.

Jordi said:

es posible hacer yogures con leches vegetales también?


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Tengo la yogurt era Tefal, Los yoghures, cremas y arroz con leche Salem buenisimos pero la cuajada no me gusta como queda con el cuajo

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