Surely many of you have cooked quiches. A quiche is a savory cake from French cuisine. The original recipe was born in the Lorraine region, in northwestern France. Hence its name: 'Quiche Lorraine'.

Its preparation is based on beaten eggs and milk cream, mixed with cut vegetables and adding ham or bacon. It is filled in a mold with shortcrust pastry and baked in the oven.

There are many variants of the quiche and there are many recipes for all tastes and palates. I love to open the fridge and start improvising. Each quiche is a new discovery!

It is a great dish to vary a little from our recipe routine and have dinner in an informal way. It is very very quick to prepare and you can surprise your guests with a recipe adapted to the meeting. For example, if you know that your friends love baked vegetables, you can prepare a Mediterranean quiche and you'll leave them speechless!

I even often prepare ham and cheese quiches for the little ones as a snack or for them to take with them to eat when they go on excursions. It is a good substitute for the typical sandwiches and they are delighted.

To prepare quiches in no time at all, I use this mold by Emile Henry . It is made of vitrified ceramic, resistant to cuts and the heat is distributed slowly and evenly, cooking the dough perfectly.

Most of the time, I present the quiche directly to the table in the pan, keeping it warm for longer.

This mold is so beautiful that it is not necessary to unmold the cake! In addition, it is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Photo: Cast of Emile Henry

The other day I cooked a bacon and apple quiche accompanied by some lamb's lettuce sprouts. The result? A mixture with an acid and sweet touch that combines very well with well-roasted bacon and eggs. Just reading it makes me want to do it again! I have to say that the result was a complete success.

quiche recipes

Without a doubt, a quiche can save you on more than one occasion when an unexpected dinner comes up, you don't know what to cook, you want to take advantage of what you have in the fridge to make a delicious recipe without complications... And I can assure you that You will not leave anyone indifferent!

I leave you some quiche recipes, tested and delicious:

Salmon and Goat Cheese Quiche and Cod , Leek and Onion Quiche

Do you have a quiche recipe that you would like to share? You already know that I love learning new ways to prepare and innovate in the kitchen! I hope you will tell me how you prepare your “star” quiche.


Alejandro said:

La región de Lorraine (Lorena), está en el noreste de Francia, no noroeste.

Raquel said:

Yo la hago de calabacín y queso azul.
pelo el calabacín y lo corto en rodajas finas, lo sofrio un poco en una sarten y luego lo pongo encima de la masa con el queso azul. Echo la mezcla de huevos y leche y al horno. Está buenísimo

Laura said:

Me encantan las quiches y también improviso con los ingredientes. Lo que no se me había ocurrido nunca es lo de sustituir el bocata de las excursiones por una quiche, a mi hija le va a chiflar la idea!!


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