The great success of bundt pans comes from the fact that even the recipe that you have been making all your life in a traditional pan changes completely the moment it takes on an elegant and beautiful shape, the shape of a bundt. cake; furthermore, without any added difficulty, just due to the fact of changing the mould.

There are many customers who have already been encouraged to try making a bundt, the vast majority with very good results, thanks to the excellent quality of the Nordic Ware molds . You often write to me commenting on how well it unmoulds, how enthusiastic you are with it, how beautiful those cakes are with those beautiful shapes, and most of you add a phrase that, I must admit, I love hearing "So many good things I've heard from these molds...And I have not been disappointed at all! I love it!"

Precisely for this reason, I feel very bad when a client has contacted us commenting that the mold did not release correctly. Sometimes the first bundt that has been made has stuck, or in some other case it is the second cake that has not been removed from the mold well. In all those cases we have solved it: making perfect bundts has a couple of considerations to keep in mind.

Why didn't you unmold my bundt correctly?

Given our experience with these moulds, I wanted to pass on a few points to get the most out of them. I can say that, in my opinion, there are mainly three reasons why a bundt may not unmold correctly, namely:

- The interior of the mold has been scratched due to the use of a spoon or utensil that is not made of silicone or wood : it is important to take good care of the interior of the mold, because if you scratch the surface, the mold will lose its qualities

- The cake is not baked sufficiently: A classic Nordic Ware pan needs approximately 50-60 minutes to bake, depending on the oven and at a temperature of about 170-180ºC. If less time is baked than necessary, the cake will not unmold correctly. Better to bake a little more than less (it may help you to know that when it is already well done, you will usually notice that the dough is separated from the mold by a few millimeters on the sides).

Pumpkin and tangerine B undt cake recipe and Hungarian roll Bundt recipe with walnut cream

- The use of oil or margarine to spread the mold : although it is common to use it in traditional molds, its use in Nordic Ware bundt molds is not recommended. The reason? They have more recesses, and if there are traces of oil or margarine in the mold, they will burn in subsequent baking. That's when the dough sticks.

To make sure that when you unmold a cake you get the defined shapes that the different molds offer you, you must put butter and sprinkle flour, or use a release spray . Regarding the spray, I must say that it is very practical, and to resolve a recurring question, you should know that it does not leave a taste or smell. Whether you use this or butter, make sure that all the crevices are well greased with the help of a brush .

If you have used oil or margarine, I recommend that you clean the mold very well with a sponge and soap and dry it with kitchen paper, thus ensuring that you take away any remains that may remain.

With all that said, there are other things you should keep in mind that are also important to ensuring a perfect bundt:

- Pour the dough slowly in one place and let it fill the entire mold, to avoid air bubbles. Before putting in the oven, drop it a couple of times on a flat surface to settle the dough and expel any air bubbles.

- When the cake is done, let it rest in the mold on a wire rack for 10 minutes. Neither more nor less, otherwise it will be too soft and it will break, or on the contrary it will remain stuck.

- After this time, tap the mold lightly on the sides to help separate the cake. Leave it on a wire rack, face down, to cool completely.

I hope all these points are clear. They are easy guidelines and surely many may think that they are common sense. And that's good, because it means that you'll very easily get that perfect bundt cake!

I take this opportunity to leave you with the updated list of delicious recipes that we have on the blog and that are made with Nordic Ware bundt molds :

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Hungarian roll bundt with walnut cream

May you enjoy your molds for many years... And those delicious and precious biscuits!


Karin Vollert said:

Hola, soy fan d esros moldes. Tengos varios. Pero de 10 que hago, 5 no desmoldan y eso que en todos uso las mismas instruciones para engrasar. Que lastima porque muchas veces he tenido que hacer mija la torta y reusarla en algo mas con triffles…etc……
Seguire intentando porque son hermosos. En mi IG @petite.antoniette podran ver los que han salido lindos…..

BLANCA said:

Yo tengo 2 y los 2 se me pegan. No se qué hago mal….me dan ganas de tirarlos a la basura porque cada que vez que los uso me enojo un montón!

Carmen Cecilia Rojas said:

La primera vez que lo usé fue perfecto. Luego he intentado 3 veces y siempre se pegó la torta a pesar de haber seguido rigurosamente las recomendaciones. Un desastre y gran decepción. Jamás me había pasado esto con un molde

Vivi said:

He comprado dos moldes preciosos, la primera vez q los hice quedaron espectaculares, pero luego lo he intentado 2 veces más y se me han pegado 😭😭😭 he seguido las indicaciones y nada se me han pegado igual. Solo los he utilizado esas 3 veces.

Mayra Berenice Hernández Hernández said:

Hola!! Compré estos moldes para hacer gelatinas, los grandes me desmoldan super bien, pero los pequeños no los puedo desmoldar…uso desmoldante especial en spray y no puedo. Que puedo hacer??

Olga tena said:

Es la segunda vez que no puedo desmoldar un bizcocho. Estoy desilusionada. Hago todo lo que hay que hacer. He usado Ibili y ha sido imposible.el kh7 lo uso alguna vez. Pues ya tire un molde. Y me dijisteis que lo usará. Espero vuestra respuesta

Rosa M. Llausí said:

Buauhhh!, lo hice el otro día con mi molde Bund Cake nuevo y me quedo espectacular de bueno, qué fácil desmoldarlo!,. No le puse la cobertura de chocolate, pero voló igual.
Ahora mismo tengo en el horno otro en el horno y que bien huele toda la casa, a este sí que le voy a poner el chocolate y las naranjas que ya he confitado. Sería chulo poder colgar las fotos de lo que hacemos.
Es súper fácil, grácias

Lidia Carrillo Andrada said:

Soy adicta a los moldes Bundt, lo reconozco. Quedan preciosos y es imposible resistirse a comer un trocito de ese delicioso bizcocho. Si pruebas con uno seguro que en poco tiempo repites con otro.

Elena said:

Muchas gracias por las explicaciones. Después de hacer varios y sin ton ni son se me rompieron dos que hice en diferente molde.

Claudia said:

Gracias Maria por el mensaje! Me alegra que estés contenta con los moldes, y con los resultados que obtienes con ellos ;) Un saludo! Claudia

Maria said:

Gracias por el post explicativo de los moldes Bundt, yo tengo varios que adquirí en vuestra tienda , y si es verdad que un bizcocho sea cual fuere su relle no o elaboración ,presentado en un molde Bundt, es otro mundo…un saludo!

Claudia said:

Gracias María José por el comentario. La verdad es que has hecho un buen resumen :) Sí que gustan mucho, un saludo!

María Jose said:

Me encantan estos moldes, quedan los bizcochos preciososA todo el mundo que los ve les causa la misma impresión MARAVILLOSOS.

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