There is little left to finish the year and I would like to take stock of the utensils that we have sold the most or that have had the greatest growth in 2017 . We have observed that the interest in cooking with good pans and making bread at home repeat their position on the list this year. We have also seen how more and more people worry about achieving a good presentation on the table and recovering the use of natural products in the kitchen . I leave you with the 8 top products of this year!

1. De Buyer Cast Iron Skillets

A classic from our store that I hope never goes out of style again. They are ideal pans to enjoy a healthy and natural kitchen without spending a fortune. Also, they are for life. What more could you want?

2. Le Creuset Mini Cocottes

In the store we have always sold well the Le Creuset mini cocottes, but this year has been crazy! The truth is that nothing surprises me. They are beautiful and are used for a lot of things: store food, present appetizers or sauces, cook in them in the oven, serve desserts... They are so cute!

3. Luigi Bormioli hermetic jars

Don't miss one! We incorporated these jars a little over a year ago and they began to sell timidly, but as our customers have tried them, the growth has been incredible. The recipe for its success has been the trend of removing plastics in the kitchen, making many more preserves at home, its manufacturing quality and its removable clip closure to clean the jars in the dishwasher or present them on the table without the lid.

4. Le Creuset Nonstick Frying Pans

Another classic from our store, the Le Creuset non-stick pans, are ideal for those recipes that resist us in iron or stainless steel pans. As non-stick pans they are simply perfect: light, with quality non-stick, incredible manufacturing quality and also with a beautiful design.

5. Emile Henry Bread Ovens

If you like to make bread at home, surely you already know the Emile Henry ceramic ovens. It all started with the round oven, we presented it shortly after creating Claudia&Julia and it was a complete success. But with time and the new models of bread ovens, growth has been unstoppable. Today we have 4 different models (round, baguettes, sliced ​​bread and XL bar) and they are one of the best-selling and best-valued products in the store.

6. WMF stainless steel pans

Looking for alternatives to non-stick pans, many customers have discovered stainless steel pans. They were very little known pans in Spain (here we use them much less than in the rest of Europe) but they have a lot of advantages: they do not have non-stick or other coatings, they are light and do not need any special maintenance. They require an adaptation period ( here I tell you how to use them ) but they are very worth it.

7. Le Creuset Iron Cocottes

What about the Le Creuset cocottes? Is there something else desired by cooks from all over the world? Okay, I know KitchenAid is a hot item too, but the Le Creuset cocotte has been a huge seller this year. It is ideal for enjoying cooking, it inspires us to make incredible recipes, it gives perfect cooking results, it looks beautiful on the table and it lasts a lifetime. You can't ask for more, right?

8. Nordic Ware Molds

Another product that repeats our top from last year ! Nordic Ware molds are relatively new in Spain (they arrived with the American confectionery boom) but I think they will stay with us for a long time. They are beautiful molds that achieve perfect baking and make any cake look incredible. I assure you that they create addiction!


Silvano de Castro said:

Ante todo Felicidades!!!!!, por la página, de lo mejor que corre por la red, por el catálogo de productos seleccionados, y sobre todo por los servicios y complementos de la página.
Un cocinillas

Claudia said:

Tienes toda la razón en el tema de los ralladores microplane, Antonio, son increíbles! Y en cuanto Le Creuset, hariamos con la marca una lista interminable, verdad? :) ¡Gracias!


Yo tengo la mayoría de los productos de la lista y realmente merecen la pena (aún no he probado ni los tarros, ni los hornos de pan ni las sartenes de acero inoxidable) pero echo en falta la parrilla, los moldes y la crepera de Le Creuset, (espectaculares) y los ralladores microplane (increíbles). :)

Claudia said:

Un buen repertorio, Carmen! :) Un saludo!

Carmen Delgado said:

Ya tengo unos pocos. Sartén tarros moldes Kichenaid. Y seguiré comprando. Pus me gusta todo.?

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