I know, in summer we eat more salads and a lot of fruit... but you won't deny that it also brings many other delicious but not so healthy things, such as tapas and appetizers among which fried foods triumph, the occasional extra cold beer, or those delicious and rich creamy ice creams that we deserved so much given the heat.

Whether due to those excesses or a return to the routine, starting a new course often brings with it new resolutions, such as eating a healthy diet. So we bring you the list with the 6 essential utensils for a healthy kitchen :

1. A pressure cooker:

With pressure cookers (speed cookers) you not only shorten cooking times, but also allow you to cook steamed or with less water, managing to preserve the nutrients in food much better and prepare light and healthier meals ... And preserving all the flavor!

Another alternative to the quick cooker for steam cooking is the Bra steamer pot , a very versatile set that will also be part of your day-to-day life.

pressure cooker and steamer

WMF pressure cooker and Bra steamer pot

2. Spirelli 2.0. from Gefu:

The kitchen can be healthy, but it must also be attractive! With cutters as fun as the Spirelli or the Spiralfix you will prepare a wide variety of salads and recipes with the wok or in the pan that are much more fun and appetizing. Eating vegetables will be much more appetizing!

spiral cutters

Gefu Spirelli and Spiralfix cutters

3. A wok:

Cooking in the wok implies cooking with little oil and fat, but with great flavor -food cooked in a short time and combinations of vegetables, fish, meat, tofu, rice...really rich, varied and healthy.

wok ken man

Iron wok set and accessories Ken Hom

4. An iron grill:

Do you know why the grill is the summer utensil par excellence? Because in it you are used to roasting meat or fish that requires very little oil, also releasing the fats that the food itself contains. If the grill is also iron , you will get a much more authentic flavor and it will last a lifetime.

le creuset iron grills

Le Creuset iron grills

5. Opinel Vegetable Knife and Gefu Oval Peeler

If you are determined to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, you cannot live without the knife with the curved blade of the Opinel knife : you will easily peel this type of food, and thanks to its thin blade you only take the skin, keeping all the pulp .

And for tough-skinned vegetables like carrots, or for potatoes, the best peeler we've tried is the Rösle Oval Peeler .

vegetable peelers

Opinel vegetable knife and oval peeler from Rösle

6. A teapot:

The infusions will help you purify the body, satisfy hunger, accompany a meal between meals, enjoy a moment of peace... And there is no better way to enjoy tea than with an authentic whistling teapot .

teatime le creuset teapot

Le Creuset teatime teapot

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