Raquel, author of the blog Los Tragaldabas , presents us with a recipe that I especially like: crepes drive me crazy! They solve both breakfast and dinner and are the easiest to prepare at home. If you haven't dared yet, I encourage you to try this very weekend!

Crepe is called the European recipe originating in France made mainly with wheat flour, with which a disc-shaped dough is cooked. It is usually served as the base of a dish or dessert applying all kinds of sweet or savory ingredients.

Crepes originate from the Brittany region, in western France. It is a widely consumed dish throughout the country, especially at La Fiesta de la Candelaria, accompanied by cider.

The main ingredients of this dough are: flour, eggs, milk, butter and sugar. We can cook crepes in two possible ways: sweet crepes, based on wheat flour, and crepes made with buckwheat flour. It is obtained by cooking the pasta spread out in the shape of a disc and cooked on both sides, in a frying pan or in something more specific such as a crepe .

For this recipe I have used the Buyer mineral crepe maker that I recommend, it is perfect for making these doughs (and other recipes too!), they are the best option for healthy cooking, as well as being magnificent because they do not stick and the doughs have uniform cooking. It is handcrafted with natural iron without chemicals or coatings. It has a layer of natural beeswax that protects and helps the crepe maker to achieve a non-stick surface naturally. It can be used on all heat sources including induction. If you want to know more , here you have this post that will surely help you to know more about these pans.

In Spain we usually accompany them with whipped cream, sugar, jam, chocolate... and we also have the perfect savory versions for breakfast, with York ham and cheese, and other sausages. In Galicia known as "filloas", and Asturias "frixuelos", they are very typical in carnivals. In the rest of the world they also have their version of crepes, in Russia the “blinis” , in Mexico the “tacos”, the Hungarians the “palacsinta”, the Italians the “cannelloni” and the Chinese the “eggrill”.

In the photo, Pallarès carbon steel knife , and De Buyer Crepe maker .


  • 220g of wheat flour
  • 250ml of whole milk
  • 250ml of plain water
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 100g of edam cheese
  • 1 fresh spring onion


Sift the flour into a bowl, add the milk, water, eggs, salt and beat vigorously until everything is integrated. There should be a smooth and consistent dough.

Let rest for at least an hour.

Grate the Edam cheese with the help of a food processor or grater.

Finely chop the fresh chives.

Once the resting time of the dough has passed, we add the cheese, the spring onion and beat to mix everything.

We put our pan on medium high heat and grease with a little butter.

We wait for it to heat up and make our crepes. Once the batter is poured into the pan, use circular movements to spread the batter over the entire pan. In addition, in this way they will be finite, which is what it is about. And if you are a fan of crepes, the wooden rolling pin will help you distribute the dough evenly.

When you see that bubbles are forming and that it has been done on one side, turn it over with the help of a spatula so that it is done on the second side. When you see it done (it takes a few more seconds), remove it, and you can add batter to the crepe maker again to make a second crepe, and so on.

We can accompany these crepes with whatever we like, in this case I have chosen to make some grilled mushrooms with a little salt, pepper and flavored with a few leaves of fresh curry. But as I tell you if you have leftover meat, smoked fish or simply smeared with cream cheese, any possible combination is allowed.

In the photo, table made of olive wood by Bérard


Claudia said:

Muchísimas gracias, Francisco! Es una alegría recibir comentarios tan bonitos como el que nos has dejado. Un saludo, y a ti te deseo que disfrutes mucho con las recetas!! :)

Claudia said:

Gracias , Carmen!! Oh sí, Raquel es una excelente fotógrafa culinaria! Muchas gracias!!

Claudia said:

gracias Benilde! A ver si es verdad y te animas con ello, porque salen muy ricas :) Un saludo!

Francisco said:

Os estoy comprando utensilios varios por la alta calidad de los mismos.
Me descargo algunas de vuestras recetas pues las encuentro interesantes y sabrosas.
Seguid así. Gracias y un fuerte abrazo.

Carmen said:

Como siempre, qué receta mas rica, apetitosa y sencilla. Y qué decir de las fotos Raquel? Que son espectaculares, me encanta todo lo que haces.

Benilde said:

Madre mía, que pinta !! Y que buena idea.
Muchas gracias por compartirlo.
Este finde es posible que lo haga.
Un saludo.

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