Rosa Ardá, whom many of you know from her blog Velocidad Cuchara , has left me delighted with the delicious, fluffy and irresistible muffins that she has prepared. Some of you will think that making cupcakes is simple. I would say that it is not complicated, but taking that point that makes them deliciously rich in sight and on the palate has its something!

The recipe that Rosa proposes is a traditional madeleines recipe , the usual ones made with extra virgin olive oil.

In the post ( here ), he gives you several tips that I think will interest you. One that I think is important is that it solves the problem that we often find ourselves with: How to keep the muffins firm, without the dough tending to the sides and rising upwards? The answer is to put the paper cupcake liners inside a rigid pan, like the Le Creuset Nonstick Cupcake Pan .

I invite you to see the recipe , and enjoy young and old some delicious village muffins!


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