When we considered adding barbecues to the store, it was very clear which manufacturer would be chosen. We analyzed several alternatives, but in the end Weber Stephen was confirmed as the best option .

This manufacturer, established in Chicago, is synonymous throughout the world with quality barbecues and the benchmark for a mature and highly competitive market such as the North American one. In the United States we can say that there is no balcony or garden where we do not see a Weber barbecue .

And since I mention the popularity in other countries of having a barbecue at home, I think that this trend is crossing borders, and that it is increasingly popular to have a barbecue, gas or charcoal , and, what is more important, get a lot out of it: the barbecue is and always will be a symbol of lively outdoor meals, but they are increasingly used for daily cooking.

The evolution of barbecues means that their use is becoming more and more common, and the truth is that I love the idea! Many current barbecues are and are used as kitchens in the garden: more pleasant, the food turns out perfect and we dirty the kitchen less.

As for the review we did of the different alternatives for gas or charcoal barbecues, it was certainly not in vain, since we also decided to incorporate the Eva Solo barbecues into the store. All the products of this Danish manufacturer, which we have known for a long time (and I am convinced that it will sound familiar to many because of the category of the brand), have their own design and exceptional manufacturing quality , and their barbecues do not disappoint in the slightest .

Eva Solo tabletop porcelain barbecue (left) and Eva Solo To Go portable barbecue (right)

Gas or charcoal barbecues?

Going back to Weber, we have decided to incorporate both their most popular gas models and some charcoal ones.​ We love charcoal barbecues . At home we prepare them frequently when we have guests and I am more than used to serving something to snack on and a good wine while the charcoal is taking on color . That wait always helps to create a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy the meeting even before sitting down to the table.

In any case, I must also confess that after trying gas barbecues , I have totally won over their advantages. Being able to start cooking in a couple of minutes and not make any smoke has allowed us to use the barbecue on a daily basis . There are even days when we use it for all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Believe me, even the most staunch charcoal advocates will switch to gas if they get a chance to sample good barbecue.

Contrary to what is believed, it is quite difficult to know if a meat has been cooked on a gas or charcoal barbecue based on its flavor. If the meat is well seasoned, it is already an impossible task. This is a very controversial issue, so there are a multitude of comparisons and studies (although it sounds strange in the United States, it is an almost scientific topic) and it has been shown that the flavor of barbecue is due more to direct fire than to coal smoke itself .

In addition, the gas, together with the thermometer that some Weber barbecues have, allows us perfect control of the cooking temperature , so we can cook everything by closing the barbecue lid, from a well-done roast chicken on the inside to a risotto. in a cocotte (it is cooked on a Weber barbecue as if it were an oven).

Advantages of Weber barbecues

Since 1952, the year Weber built its first barbecue, this company has devoted itself wholeheartedly to the concept of outdoor cooking. All its models inherit all these years of experience and allow us to enjoy the authentic outdoor cooking experience that Weber has been able to create. Not in vain are the best-selling barbecues in the world .

Their barbecues are safe, beautiful, robust and full of details to be able to enjoy the Weber experience, regardless of the model we choose. Thanks to the lid that they are provided with, we can use the barbecue both for cooking on the grill and for cooking as if it were a traditional oven . The lid allows us a uniform and homogeneous cooking, preserving all the flavor and aroma of the food.

The barbecue lid and its large interior space allow us to prepare a multitude of recipes, using accessories and utensils such as pizza trays, steel vegetable trays, skillets, iron grills or even a Le Creuset cocotte .

In addition, with a gas barbecue we can control the cooking temperature exactly , so we can brown the food and then lower the temperature so that it cooks evenly over low heat (on some occasions we have cooked meats for more than two hours in barbecue over low heat). In charcoal barbecues we can achieve a similar effect by moving embers to the sides of the barbecue so that cooking is indirect.

Which barbecue model to choose?

If we talk about gas barbecues , the first thing we must decide is if we want a fixed barbecue for our terrace or we want a portable barbecue.

Within the fixed barbecues we have two barbecues with very similar features, but different styles. The Weber Spirit E-210 , with a sober and classic design, has a cooking surface of 52x44.5 cm. The Weber Q3000 has a more modern and informal design and an even larger cooking surface: 64x44 cm.

On the left, the classic Weber Spirit E-210 barbecue model, and on the right, the Weber Q3000 model. Both barbecues are gas.

We also have the Weber Q1200 , a more bearable model than its older sister (Q3000), but which maintains a good cooking surface (43x32 cm). This Weber gas barbecue has practical folding side tables and the possibility of using it on specific optional legs ( a table-cart ).

Weber Q1200 gas barbecue, standard and table-cart mounted

If we plan to acquire the best charcoal barbecue on the market, the traditional Weber Compact Kettle are one of the best charcoal barbecues. Available in 47 cm and 57 cm in diameter, they are robust barbecues created to enjoy outdoor cooking with all the features of Weber barbecues and a good cooking surface.

Another option if we want a portable barbecue is the Smokey Joe Premium model since it maintains the same concept of its older sisters but with a smaller size (37 cm in diameter).

The famous Weber Compact Kettle model (left) and the Smokey Joe Premium to-go model (right). Both models of charcoal barbecue.

We also have two models of charcoal barbecue from the manufacturer Eva Solo. The beautiful porcelain barbecue , ideal for cooking at the table or for very small spaces.

Also remember that in our barbecue section you will find a multitude of accessories and complements for your barbecues. We have both Weber accessories such as covers, iron plates or lighting kits, as well as various utensils ideal for barbecues such as skewers, cast iron grills or stainless steel trays and pans.


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