Everyone dares with the wok, and most of them see it as just another frying pan with high sides. But this shape is undoubtedly the grace of it - the hotter base to brown the food quickly, the sides to keep it warm, and its height also allows steaming, boiling, stewing...

The wok originates from China, and if we want to use it "properly", there are several important guidelines to follow. That is why I encourage you to read the advice that Laura, from the Because blog, has prepared in the post that you will find by clicking here . In addition, it is accompanied by a rich and easy recipe that you will love for day to day!

If you are thinking of buying a wok, or getting started with it, the one Laura mentions is undoubtedly highly recommended, the ten-piece wok set with lid and accessories by Ken Hom . Ken Hom is the sales leader in this iron (carbon steel) utensil, in a very complete set and at a really reasonable price!

Although if you are interested only in the Ken Hom wok , it is also available without the accessories ( here ). I invite you to see the different woks available in the store !


Claudia said:

Hola Eva, muchas gracias por tu comentario. Lamento de veras que te hayas encontrado así, la verdad es que no lo sabíamos. Pero afortunadamente y gracias a ti, a partir de ahora incluiremos una hoja de recomendaciones e instrucciones con el producto. Te lo paso a ti por email! Muchas gracias, y un saludo, Claudia

Eva said:

Hola. Acabo de adquirir el wok Ken Hom con todos los accesorios y para mi sorpresa el libro de instrucciones viene en todos los idiomas menos en español.Dígame si tengo que empezar a aprender finlandés.

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