There are many apple pie recipes, each with its own flavor and many are truly delicious. I think I will never get tired of her, she is one of my favorites.

There is a recipe that has caught my attention. It is a cake with a double layer of apple, one on top and the other at the middle height of the cake, which does not contain dairy products and replaces butter with oil. It gives me the feeling that it has to result in a moist, soft and delicious cake, with a touch of cinnamon that looks so good in combination with that fruit.

The recipe has been presented on his blog I Love Bundt Cakes , and although with what I am commenting you will think that it does not have much surprise, I have been captivated by the story behind it: a Jewish cake of which there is not much knowledge. Since I don't like the fact that traditional recipes are lost or unknown, I thought it would be interesting to share it with all of you.

You will find the recipe in the aforementioned blog ( here ). In their case, they have prepared the cake in the new Nordic Ware Fruit Tartine mold, and they have decided to invert it so that it looks like the bundt, with which the upper layer of apple remains the base. It all makes for a delicious bundt!

apple bundt cake

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