Le Creuset Tradition Cast Iron Rectangular Grill 32 x 21.8 cm

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Le Creuset Tradition Cast Iron Rectangular Grill  is ideal for cooks aspiring to master the art of grilling. It’s the same size as its matching Cast Iron Rectangular Griddle, and is particularly suitable for cooking meats to a professional standard.

Perfect for cooking lightly and using little fat, i.e. grilling; it will also last you a lifetime. A good investment in cooking.

It is available in two formats, square and rectangular. Iron has the advantage of distributing heat very well, so even in the rectangular one, the ends get very hot! Nevertheless, and as we always say, it is important to heat it at a low-medium temperature, and turn up the heat to full throttle if you want to when it is already hot, and you can enjoy a really good grill!

NOTE: Cooking on a cast iron grill has nothing to do with cooking on a non-stick grill: the iron achieves a much higher temperature and seals the food, retaining all the flavour (and evaporating the juices, thus preventing the meat from boiling). On a cast iron grill, the meat will end up being roasted!

Did you know…? If you buy a grill that is 100% iron, such as a rectangular or round grill without a handle, they are oven safe items (they’re pure iron!), so you can make spectacular pizzas, bake a piece of meat or fish directly in the oven, use it to make a galette or puff pastry, bake biscuits…This is an incredible iron surface for baking!

What makes the Le Creuset Tradition Cast Iron Rectangular Grill stand out from the rest

  1. Made with cast iron that transmits and distributes the heat in the best possible way.
  2. Enamelled coating, which is black on the inside, that does not require any curing prior to use. The perfect choice for avoiding foreign coatings.
  3. Suitable for all heat sources, such as induction and oven, and even wood or charcoal barbecue.
  4. Ridges or grooves on the bottom particularly suitable for grilled meats, as they separate the food from the bottom by removing part of the fat.
  5. Comfortable grip handles.
  6. Dishwasher safe.
  7. Lifetime guarantee.

The Rectangular size: 32 x 21.8 cm (without handles) and 38.5 x 21.8 cm (with handles)

Measurements refer to the cooking surface, handles are not included.

Why we love the Le Creuset Tradition Cast Iron Rectangular Grill

  1. We love the grooved grill bottom, which works great with meats by separating the fat from the food, and gives any piece that professional finish.
  2. Like all Le Creuset products, it is not only practical and long-lasting, but so beautiful that it can be used to serve food at the table.
  3. The meat ends up being roasted, not boiled, and in record time.
  4. It is a grill suitable for the oven, so it is a very versatile piece, where you can also make pizzas, biscuits, shortbread, cook fish or meat with side dishes... An essential item in any kitchen.

The history of Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a French household goods brand famous all over the world for its quality and a leader in the sectors of enamelled cast iron, stoneware ceramics and kitchen accessories, among other items.

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset manufactures first-class cookware. Used by chefs and cooks all over the world, Le Creuset cookware offers exceptional performance and unbeatable durability.

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Customer Reviews

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Isabel M.
Cumple con su cometido

La tengo desde hace poco y me va bien, pero sobre todo lo que espero de esta parrilla es que me dure mucho tiempo, a diferencia de las que he tenido anteriormente, y eso todavía no puedo saberlo.

Mar N.
Necesaria en toda casa

Me gustó mucho el vídeo informativo de la web. Pero cuando lo comprobé en primera persona no me di cuenta de lo ideal que es cocinar en un aplancha de hierro. Realmente nada que ver con una plancha antiadherente. La carne queda espectacular!! Sinceramente creo que es de esas cosas que hay que tener en una cocina y me alucina que antes del vídeo de presentación no hubiese sabido de este tipo de producto. De verdad que nada que ver la carne hecha en una plancha de hierro de LeCruset!

Diego G.G.
Excelente producto

La parrilla funciona muy bien y en el lavavajillas queda impecable

Excel·lent graella!

Pots cuinar de tot: des de carns, peixos, verdures, fruita, fins a entrepans. Bastant fàcil de netejar. Pesa bastant però això ja ho saps quan la compres. Molt bon servei de Clàudia & Júlia en tot el procés de compra i enviament.

Ines M.M.
Pequeña gran parrilla

Es excelente, tiene una medida perfecta para cocinar bastante producto👍

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