Making cakes at home is a real pleasure: it is relaxing, it leaves the house with a truly homely smell and there is no color when it comes to enjoying them at breakfast, coffee or snack time.

When preparing cake at home there are several utensils that are essential if you want to work really comfortably and efficiently . So if you are going to start preparing cakes, here are our basic pastries!

1. A large bowl

Forget about working in just-sized bowls or with corners. It is important to have a round bowl that is wide enough, both to ensure that all the ingredients fit and to work the dough comfortably. It can be glass , ceramic or stainless steel .

2. A scale

To have good results, it is important to use the exact amount of each of the ingredients in the recipe that you are going to prepare, so you definitely need a kitchen scale.

It can be mechanical, like the most charming one we have in the store, which is the Tellier one , or electric, always so precise and that take up little space, like the WMF digital scale .

3. A suitable spatula

How is a suitable spatula to prepare biscuits? Undoubtedly, it is important that it be wide to work the dough well and do it comfortably; In addition, it must also be flexible to adapt to the bowl correctly and drag the dough from the walls. My recommendation is to use a wide silicone spatula.

One of the most popular is the large spatula from Le Creuset (with a 7 x 11.5cm head!) , with a wooden handle that, apart from being beautiful, is very comfortable and allows the upper part to be separated for perfect cleaning.

biscuit making utensils

Le Creuset ceramic bowl , Rösle stainless steel bowl , Le Creuset large spatula and WMF digital scale

4. A whisk

Without a doubt, manual rods are essential in confectionery. They help you beat, mix and add air to the mix. We recommend De Buyer's because they are professional quality rods, wide, with very good grip and a finish that ensures you can withstand the force and wear and tear exerted with them.

Having electric whisks can be a plus in many recipes since you will save time and save strength. In this case, I recommend Kitchen Aid's electric beaters , whose motor provides more force than others and does not get hot.

In the case of making a lot of pastries, whipping egg whites, and being used to preparing very dense bread or dough, a Kitchen Aid mixer will undoubtedly be your best helper in the kitchen.

biscuit rods

5. A removable mold

There are many different moulds: you can prepare biscuits in ceramic moulds, shaped moulds, bundt moulds... but if we're talking about basics, in my opinion a removable non-stick round mold will work for any biscuit you want to prepare.

What I do recommend is that it be a quality mold : the molds are exposed to high temperatures in the oven, so it is important that they have a good non-stick if you want them to last with their non-stick properties intact for a long time. Also, take care of it! Do not use metal utensils on it and always wash it by hand.

And if you want to have a two-in-one mold, we have a little treasure in the shop, the Birkmann Double Base Mold .

6. White and egg separator

We already commented in the post " How to make a sponge cake " that a good way to ensure that the dough rises well is to beat the whites and yolks separately. To do this, having a separator for whites and eggs is very useful.

7. Flour sifter

It is vital to aerate the flour to make the cake rise more easily and so that there are no lumps in the dough. Hence the importance of sifting the flour! We love the Tellier one , which is spacious, quick to use (with four shakes you quickly sift all the amount of flour you need), it does not spoil since it does not offer any mechanism and it is all stainless steel; It also offers four different meshes, so you can give it various uses in the kitchen.

essential for making cakes

Le Creuset removable non-stick tin , egg white and egg separator and Tellier four-mesh sieve

There are so many other things that pastry chefs undoubtedly have at home, from a cooling rack to an oven thermometer to ensure the correct temperature, or a rolling pin to flatten dough that requires it, measuring spoons , a cake knife , a bag pastry chef ... But I think that with these 7 magnificent ones that you have seen you will have more than enough to start preparing a rich, fluffy and delicious cake. Let's bake!


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