The countdown to Christmas has started days ago, and there are many of you who ask us for ideas to get your gifts right. So for all those who ask us about the best sellers or what can be a safe value, here we leave you with 10 great gift ideas , for all budgets and profiles:

spirelli XL box

1. Spirelli XL, the original gift for healthy eating

After the success of the Spirelli vegetable cutter, the Gefu brand has released a special version that is ideal for gifts, the Spirelli XL : they have made it somewhat larger than the traditional one and present it in a beautiful box together with a cutter.

It is a wonderful gift for cooks who want to prepare green salads, pasta, rice, woks... All seasoned with attractive and healthy spiral-shaped vegetables. The result is spectacular!

chemex coffee maker

2. Chemex coffee maker, for coffee lovers with good taste

Literally a treasure in my kitchen and in that of all those who already have it, the Chemex coffee maker is not only a work of art (it is exhibited in the MoMa museum in New York), but thanks to its filters it produces one of the best cafes of the world No waste, clean, perfect. All at a very affordable price.

Also, there is no coffee maker that is easier to use: you put the paper filter, a few tablespoons of coffee and boiling water... and it's coffee time!

Important: the grace of the coffee maker is not only its design, but the filtering achieved by its filters . No gift will be complete without them.

miyabi knife

3. A knife or razor, suitable for adventurers and cooks

A Pallarès carbon steel knife is an original gift and also very beautiful thanks to its precious wooden handle. Another option for those who want to always carry it with them, a beautiful knife with an olive handle .

If you can stretch your budget a little further, there is no greater reward than receiving a beautiful set of knives. A very good option is the Wasabi Black set since Japanese knives are always a hit. If the gift is for an expert cook and the budget is large, then a Miyabi knife will leave the chef speechless. Anyway there are many options when it comes to knives, you can check them out here .

4. Kitchenware, It's time to renew utensils!

There are many people who are looking for a useful gift and Christmas is the perfect excuse to renew kitchen basics. Without a doubt, cookware is a very recurring gift on these dates: they have a lot of presence, they are beautiful and it is a gift that will be used daily.

One of the preferred drum kits is the WMF Diadem Plus , with 5 pieces, although the WMF Provence is also very popular. There are other very interesting options here .

wok ken man

5. A wok, for those who don't have time

The wok is one of the most gifted options during Christmas: it is practical, not everyone has one at home, it invites you to make a lot of quick and healthy recipes and, what the heck, it always brings a smile to whoever receives it! !

We have the traditional carbon steel ones, like the Ken Hom (available in a very complete and cheap set ), or more sophisticated ones, like the Le Creuset vitrified iron one . If the wok is for a practical person who is looking for something easy to use and light in weight, I would recommend Kuhn Rikon's reinforced nonstick .

cocotte le creuset

6. A cocotte, for everything and forever

Cooks or not, a cocotte is a super coveted gift. An important investment but one that will undoubtedly more than pay for itself: it will last you a lifetime and it can be used for everything. Roasts, meats, fish, soups, creams, pasta, rice... And even to make cakes!

The most traditional and with a lifetime guarantee is the Le Creuset cocotte . The only problem is choosing a color... They are all so pretty!

pressure cooker set

7. Pressure cooker, to save time and cook for ten

A pressure cooker is a major investment, and Christmas is the perfect time to indulge. So many people take the opportunity to get hold of this treasure.

One of the pots that falls in love is the WMF Perfect Plus, the 6.5L and 3L set being one of the most valued. Other than this one, there are so many other good options in the Pressure Cookers section .

pans and saucepan set le creuset

8. Set of 2 pans and 1 saucepan Le Creuset

The Le Creuset frying pan and saucepan set is a great gift option to renew the basics in the kitchen. This set includes two frying pans and a saucepan, all non-stick and with the long Le Creuset guarantee.

bread oven
9. Bread oven, to get incredible bread at home

Making bread at home is a pleasure, but getting the results of an expert baker is not easy. Emile Henry ceramic ovens recreate humid and cooking conditions inside that allow for a crispy crust and truly delicious bread. It is a perfect gift to surprise the most panarras.

boska fondue

10. A fondue, to enjoy in a big way and without complications

Another of the great Christmas classics and an essential for weekends and dinners with friends is fondue. It is a precious gift, which is wrapped in special moments and will last a lifetime.

There are ceramic and iron ones, all equally beautiful and practical, the iron ones being more valued due to the fact that they retain heat better, which allows the cheese to be melted for longer (although I'm not very sure that you are going to give it time to cool down...).

The Boska Pro fondue set is a fantastic option in terms of value for money, although there are so many options to consider that I think you should see them ( here ).

NOTE: In the Christmas Shop section you will find a lot of more gift ideas.


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