I don't know if you know the typical Aranese cream from the Vall de Arán. It is a cream similar to creme brûlée or Catalan cream, but here vanilla essence is added instead of cinnamon and lemon. In some places I have also tried it with a touch of anise.

At home we love to make our own yoghurts, our muffins and our biscuits, and in the winter season we change the custard for this typical recipe from the Aran Valley.

Its preparation is simple and fast. It can be done from one day to the next and we already have the dessert ready!

Ramequins Emile Henry nº8


  • 1 liter of milk
  • 6 or 7 eggs
  • 200g of sugar
  • 1 cc of cornmeal
  • 1 cc of vanilla essence


  1. We separate the yolks from the whites (you can help yourself with an egg separator ).
  2. We dissolve the flour in 100 ml of cold.
  3. We beat the egg yolks, add another 400 ml of milk and milk with flour. We are not interested in incorporating air into the mixture and we want to avoid lumps, so a ball-tipped whisk will do the trick.
  4. We remove to integrate all of the above.
  5. We put the rest of the milk in a saucepan and take it to the fire. When it starts to boil, add the sugar and vanilla essence.
  6. Then we mix the dissolved yolks with the milk and stir with a wooden spoon without letting it boil so that it doesn't cut.
  7. We remove from the fire. place in the Emile Henry ramekins and let cool.
  8. Decorate with currants to give an acid point to this sweet cream.

Suggestion: It is common to find this cream decorated with meringue on top, to take advantage of the leftover whites.

Author of the recipe: Beatriz from To Be Gourmet


Eneritz said:

A qué equivale “cc harina” y “cc de vainilla”. Gracias y Feliz 2020!!

Blanca said:

Hola, en el caso de querer hacer la receta con el anís en que punto habría que añadirlo. Gracias

cati said:

cc equivale a cucharada de café.

Marta said:

Me podéis decir a qué equivale una CC de harina de maíz y una CC de vainilla??? Gracias!!!

Ana said:

Para dejarla preparada con antelación como relleno, ¿se podría congelar?

Paz said:

Somos más de vainilla que de canela, así que para mi perfecto!,

María said:

Expectacular !!! Como todo lo que hacéis, gracias.

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