I love aromatics; I use them for almost everything in the kitchen. Some, like basil, I can't get them all year round, others, in return, I always have them available in a pot... like rosemary.

In general, the aromatic ones are usually sold in trays that carry more quantity than we are going to need. Many times, as with parsley bouquets, the herbs end up spoiling in the fridge.

When this happens I chop them, spray them with oil, place them in an ice tray and freeze them, but recently it occurred to me to make scented butter and keep it saved to add to stews , or to serve in an appetizer. It is a great solution and if we have a vacuum packaging machine it can last us a long time.

Rosemary and basil butter claudiaandjulia

Herb grinder 2.0 , set of 4 stainless steel bowls and stainless steel Pallarès knife with olive handle.


  • 500g butter*
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • or any other spice

*See at the end of the post how to make butter at home


  1. Leave the butter at room temperature until very soft.
  2. We divide the amount into two parts.
  3. With a spice grinder we crush the basil and rosemary and reserve it in separate bowls.
  4. We place the shovel accessory in the Kitchen Aid , add a part of butter and the chopped rosemary in the amount that suits us, but not too much.
  5. Mix at speed 6 and with a spatula place the mixture on plastic wrap.
  6. We make a roll and take it to the fridge to harden.
  7. We repeat the operation with the basil.
  8. If we are not going to use it in time, we can vacuum pack the butter and have it available for much longer.

Rosemary and basil butter claudiaandjulia

Herb grinder 2.0 , set of 4 stainless steel bowls , Pallarès kitchen knife in carbon steel with boxwood handle and Tefal vacuum sealer

Sliced ​​they are ideal to serve also accompanying bread on the table when we have guests at home. It is a different detail that surely surprises and makes you look great. Do you know the difference between serving salmon on butter toast or doing it with flavored butter?

How to make homemade butter

There is nothing easier to make than butter. What do you need? 35% MG liquid cream and beat it and beat it until it cuts. As? That's right: if you go beating the liquid cream you will make cream (yes, that is so delicious), and if you continue beating there will be a moment when you will see that the whey separates (a liquid appears), and the note remains as lumps. You just made butter. For this I must admit that the KitchenAid robot is a great ally, because you only have to put the cream in the bowl of the robot and turn it on to do all the work.

Strain it to remove the liquid and, with the help of a spatula, join the pieces of butter to form a block. Then, with the help of transparent film, you can wrap it while you press it so that it takes the shape of a curl.

At this time you could refrigerate it, although it is also a good time to return it to the KitchenAid bowl and mix it with the aromatics as I told you in the recipe above (with the first point already passed).

Author of the recipe: Beatriz from To Be Gourmet


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