Le Creuset's mini-cocottes are a hit: they're pretty, they're easy to store, and they're really versatile. Although we often find ourselves told "Everyone says they are good for everything... but what really?". That's why Laura, author of the gastroblog Because , today tells us about them, and gives us lots of ideas so you can get the most out of them!

I have to be honest when I admit that it was very difficult for me to decide to buy the mini-cocottes from Le Creuset . The truth is that, although they have never been an expensive product, quite the contrary, I thought they were a mere whim rather than a kitchen utensil.

But when the oval minis arrived at Claudia&Julia (and so hard to find... and they are exclusively in Spain!), I couldn't resist the design and I finally bought them. The big surprise is that, in addition to being beautiful, they are one of the kitchen utensils that I use the most.

They have a perfect portion size and for this reason I use them almost as much as the plates... well, or more, because unlike these, the mini-cocottes withstand high oven temperatures, so they are often an essential tool at home. and utensils in the same recipe.


Of mini-cocottes we have the round ones , the oval ones (now available in two sizes, 13cm and 17cm!) and also the mini-cocottes (without a doubt, the latter are ideal to surprise the couple, or to have a detail of the most original!)

They all have a color and quality that you fall in love with: you already know that they are from Le Creuset, so the quality of the ceramic and the interior vitrification are the best you can find. You should even know that each knob is painted by hand! The love and dedication of the company is something superior.

Both the oval and the 13cm round ones have the same price, although the oval ones have a little more capacity (which for me was a point in their favor). As for the new size of the oval ones, the 17cm one, I have found it really interesting: although the 13cm ones were already useful for serving appetizers and some first course, the 17cm one is undoubtedly useful for serving a complete plate, but very stylish.

Regarding characteristics, I must also clarify that all mini-cocottes, unlike the "standard" cocottes, are ceramic. They are not made of iron nor do they have a diffusing iron base, so they cannot go into the fire: they are designed to cook with them in the oven, in the microwave, or to serve appetizers and cold dishes.

The fact that it has a lid is an advantage for storing in the fridge, since it keeps your preparation away from foreign odors. And its maintenance? Easier impossible, because being ceramic, it resists the dishwasher.

The only drawback with this product is that it's hard to decide between the variety of colors and sizes... but I'll tell you a secret: whatever you choose, you'll be delighted with them and you'll use them a lot, that's for sure!

Recipes and inspiration to present in the mini-cocottes

Now that the good weather is here, they are ideal for presenting cold dishes such as ceviches, marinades, cream cheese or homemade pates on the table. Without forgetting other dishes that we can bake and serve directly, such as lasagna, eggs in a cocotte, roast potatoes... Any dish that you can bake in a ceramic dish, you can cook it in these beautiful mini cocottes and present it on the table in a unique way. original that will not leave your diners indifferent, whether they are guests or those at home.

In addition, and although now I mainly present savory dishes in them (even salads), the first use I gave them was for desserts. The desserts presented by them are spectacular. Try making brownie or chocolate coulant cakes, in fact, they look so good that it's a great idea if you're a guest to bring one of these desserts inside the mini cocottes. Easy to transport, beautiful to give as a gift. Also other desserts such as crême brulé, custard, or even a tiramisu find their ideal container in these casseroles.

In the photo, chocolate coulant in an oval mini-cocotte

Here are some recipes you can make in Le Creuset's mini-cocottes:

- Chocolate coulant in mini-cocotte

- Raspberry crême brulee

- Cherry tomato and cheese clafoutis

- Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

- Oeufs en coccotte

- Individual chicken and bacon pie

- Pastor-style meatloaf

- Truffled eggs with mushrooms

- Cheese soufflé

- Chicken lasagna

And if you're in the mood for more, there's also a Le Creuset mini-cocotte recipe book available, with 40 recipes both sweet and savory. If you look at the reviews, the truth is that I see that all the opinions are really good, and I think you will find a lot of inspiration there to get the most out of these minis that are so beautiful.


Son sencillamente preciosas. En Zaragoza no tienen las ovaladas y creo que el tamaño, sería perfecto para un primer plato individual. El libro de sus recetas, ¿donde lo compro? said:

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