I would like to talk to you about a manufacturer that I am totally in love with: Emile Henry. It is one of the best-known manufacturers of ceramic kitchenware in France and possibly throughout the world.

Emile Henry is a family business that manufactures handcrafted cooking utensils using the excellent limestone found in southern Burgundy. This same soil, and the clay it produces, is what Jacques Henry used in the small ceramic workshop he founded in 1850 in Marcigny, where the company is still established.

My family has been selling products from this manufacturer in Spain for many years, even long before they were distributed in our country, so when we started with Claudia&Julia, it was one of the first suppliers that we incorporated.

Some of Emile Henry's most appreciated products are the baking dishes and molds, his casseroles and the beautiful bread ovens. But this brand also makes some small utensils that I consider essential when equipping a kitchen. In these small utensils, great functionality is added with a very careful design and the manufacturing quality to which the brand has accustomed us.

One of my favorite products is their ceramic salt shaker . It has a very comfortable design when it comes to using salt in the kitchen that invites us to cook non-stop, as indicated by one of our customer comments. Its interior is not enameled, it prevents the salt from solidifying, so we always have it perfect. It is one of those products that is worth trying, it is a basic that works excellently.

Another product that I love is the ceramic oil bottle with a cork stopper . It is a very beautiful oil can with perfect measurements, neither too big nor too small. You can tell its quality just by holding it in your hand and it also has a cork stopper with a self-closing system that works great. The great advantage of this oil can over other alternatives, apart from its beautiful design, is that it keeps the oil away from light, thus keeping the oil in perfect condition for much longer.

(right) Ceramic oil can and spoon rest ; (left) Oil jar , mortar , salt shaker and salad bowl by Emile Henry.

An ideal complement in the kitchen is the ceramic spoon rest . It has a very elegant and functional design that looks good in any kitchen. It seems silly, but once you get used to using it, it becomes essential to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. It also includes a wooden spoon, which makes it an ideal gift for those of us who like cooking.

I don't want to end this post without mentioning the Emile Henry ceramic mortar . It is so beautiful that it seems to be simply a decorative object, but I assure you that it is robust and works like a charm. It has the ideal size to be able to chop while holding it comfortably and its interior is rough to keep food in the background when we are chopping. It is one of those utensils that looks great in the kitchen but always makes us smile when we use it again.

If you are in love with the brand, you will surely like to discover other utensils and accessories that they offer, from their beautiful hermetic jars l'épicerie or ramekins , to table accessories such as salad bowls or ceramic plates . And so many other pretty and practical accessories that you can browse here .

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