Today's recipe comes from Martín Berasategui , and is a complete wild card when you want a recipe with few complications to bring to the table on any occasion or to fix a dinner. It's a mushroom and ham puff pastry pie , and it's very tasty!

I do it every two by three to look good with the guests. It is an easy and very quick recipe, and the truth is that you free yourself up a lot in the kitchen. The good thing is that you can make it by combining the ingredients you have in the fridge -you can use ham or change it for bacon or dried tomatoes (or simply make it with mushrooms), you can use just mushrooms or use the ones you have in the fridge... For it is always a good wild card.

It is done very quickly, especially if you bake it in a perforated pan , since the heat quickly penetrates the dough and it is wonderfully crunchy.

I hope you like it and that it becomes one of those basic wardrobe recipes !


  • A sheet of puff pastry
  • Egg
  • 1 garlic
  • 3 shallots (or 1 onion)
  • 50 g diced ham (or bacon)
  • 500 g of mushrooms (they can be all mushrooms or mix with shitake, oysters, trumpets or others)
  • A splash of white wine
  • 1 tsp flour
  • 200ml of cooking cream 18% mg
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

Boska wooden cake stand and board


  1. First of all we are going to cut the mushrooms and mushrooms that we have. It is very important that you cut the mushrooms tiny.
  2. Finely chop the shallots. In case you don't have shallots, you can also do it with onion.
  3. Chop the garlic. You can help yourself with the WMF garlic press to get a better result and go faster.
  4. Put a little oil in the Le Creuset wooden handle frying pan and wait for the oil to heat up.
  5. Add the minced shallots and garlic to the pan (we used the Le Creuset iron skillet with wooden handles ). After a minute, add the ham squares and mushrooms as well, and sauté everything very well.
  6. Since I want it to reduce everything a bit, add a little salt and pepper. It is important not to go overboard with the salt, since the ham also gives it a salty touch.
  7. Mix and leave until you see that they have all been cooked well. In order to stir the food well, I am using the Le Creuset spoon .
  8. Add the white wine and increase the heat a little to evaporate. Also add a spoon of flour to be able to bind all the food.
  9. Add the liquid cream to cook. If you think you've been short on salt, you can add salt and pepper again. Stop the fire and wait for it to cool down.
  10. To bake the puff pastry, I use the De Buyer springform pan , so the dough will be made quickly and crisp and well done in just a few minutes. Put the puff pastry in the mold. If you want the edges to be a little higher, what you can do is turn them inwards. Beat an egg and add a little of the cooking cream to brush the puff pastry on top.
  11. Fill the tart with the mushroom dough. Spread well making it as flat as possible on top, and you already have it ready to put it in the oven.
  12. Have the oven preheated to 200ºC and cook until you see that the dough begins to brown.
  13. Finally, you can decorate the cake a bit by adding chopped hazelnuts on top.


Fernanda said:

Claudia se ve exquisita esa tarta! Muchas gracias por la receta.

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